Birthday Parties with a Difference

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Every year, I, like any parent, want to celebrate my kid’s birthday in the most unique way possible. This is like a project that I love to work for. Before I come up with my final plan; long before the main day arrives, I begin creating long lists of well-researched themes, décor ideas, cake and invitation card designs, food menu options, games, and return gifts.But this time, it struck me that such celebrations only make my child happy and excited for those one or two days. And next year, my kid again looks forward for something new, which, in the truest essence, is nothing different but just another decorative arrangement with a newer colourful theme or a food menu.Here’s my worry. While I definitely look like I'm an active and loving parent by organizing a big birthday bash year after year, is there something my kid is gaining from the experience?I've been giving it a fair bit of thought and these are some ideas I'm exploring to make my child's birthday fun but also more meaningful.1. Birthdays with Mother EarthBe it a nature park or a lakeside open field, taking your little one out on a picnic-cum-birthday will not only be fun but will also be an introduction to help your kid appreciate and value the beauty of our environment and how to take care of it.A fun activity may include your child and his friends planting a tree together. Or, a return gift for the kids can be a little plant that they can take home to nurture. Maybe this way we can teach them about being responsible towards our planet.

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2. Birthdays at Orphanages/ NGOs

Off late, I've been observing my child taking more and more things for granted. If a toy is broken, she just demands another one. If a friend is wearing something new, she will automatically expect me to buy that for her as well. The idea that very few children in India get everything they need, less alone want, is totally alien to her. And that's why I'm planning to make her celebrate her next birthday party with kids in an orphanage. By sharing her cake and gifts with the less fortunate, I hope she can learn a. How to interact with people from all walks of life and b. That the world does not revolve around her alone!

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3. Birthdays at Animal Shelter/Rescue homes

A great place to celebrate a birthday because these animals offer nothing but pure love! Spending a couple of hours volunteering with these animals are a great way for every child to understand the responsibility of caring for another being. If you're planning to get a dog, then maybe your child can even adopt one from the shelter!This birthday venue for your child and her friends will ensure that they learn all about compassion and responsibility even while having loads of fun with animals!

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4. Birthday expeditions to Historical monuments/ Zoos/ Museums

Outings with kids and their friends on their birthdays to museums or historical monuments or zoos will not only be entertaining but also informative! Add more fun to these outings with face painting sessions (using herbal colours) among kids, wherein, they can draw animals or play puzzle games to identify historical monuments and museums. A great way to enhance their general knowledge too!

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If you indeed are planning a birthday party with a difference, ensure you involve your child in your plan and explain how exciting and helpful this can prove to be. This will help your child be a much better host and someone who will take pride in standing up for a cause(even if it's a teensy-weensy one!)  Of course you can still have the traditional birthday party as well. But do take out another day and make it memorable for him and his friends by teaching stronger values such as love, empathy, kindness and sharing!