Beyonce, Bebo and Mira Rajput –they all got push presents! You deserve one too mommy!

Push present is a present given to mommies just before or right after delivering a baby. It is a gift given by the husband given to his beloved wife for literally ‘pushing’ the baby!

World over celebrity hubbies are shelling out big bucks to celebrate the effort wifey takes to go through the labour pains. Every mum is scared of this life altering pain that ranks highest amongst all the pains a human body can take!

Bebo shopped at Harrods!

Saifeena shopped at London’s uber luxury department store Harrods for the newest nawab of the family. Saif of course spared no expense to ensure that the most luxurious baby room was made for Taimur. But he secretly bought a present for Kareena that blew her socks off. Just 8 days after she delivered lil Taimur, Saif took Kareena on a dinner date where she looked every bit her delicious self. Despite being a tad sleep deprived, Kareena made sure that she flaunted her expensive push present for the world to see!

Kareena shows off her expensive push present!

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Mira Rajput got designer clothes!

Yummy mommy, Mira Rajput admitted in her interview on Koffee with Karan how Shahid Kapoor spoilt her rotten when she was heavily pregnant with Misha and couldn’t go out. Just before she was due to deliver Shahid bought her bags and bags of designer goodies to surprise her! Shahid dropped lakhs of rupees at designer outlets for his 22 year young wifey darling. We so approve!

Kajol got a Mercedes

Having underwent a miscarriage, Kajol was notably depressed. Ajay was aware of the extent of her distress, so he went out of his way to splurge on the gorgeous mom. Right after Nysa’s delivery, Ajay gifted her a brand new ivory Mercedes!

Kajol’s plush new set of wheels right is her push present!

Manyata Dutt got a Rolls Royce

Not to be outdone, Sanjay Dutt bought his porcelain doll Manyata a beautiful Rolls Royce for delivering their babies Shahran and Iqra.

Manyata Dutt’s present didn’t go unnoticed by the paparazzi!

Push presents are India’s gift to Hollywood celebs!

Indian mothers-in-law customarily give a piece of jewellery every time her daughter-in-law delivers. So do the parents of the girl. So push presents actually originated in India!

Nowadays hubbies have taken over the ritual and insist on adding their own sparkle to this age old ritual.

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How to make sure your husband buys you a push present!

1. Show him this article! He will know how common it is and how every woman likes to be appreciated for putting her life at risk and bringing another life into this world.

2. Ask your common friends to put this idea in his head. Let’em mull over this for a while. Eventually they will come around.

3. Ask your husband’s siblings broach this topic gently. It has to be something that your husband will buy spontaneously, thinking about you and your likes.

4. You can even ask your gynaecologist to talk to your husband about this in your absence. This may convince your husband that it was his idea in the first place. Don’t take that away from the poor guy!

Tell us what you want as a push present and we will quietly pour in the idea into his hear. Write in right now!