Beware: These foods are doing your skin more harm than good!

You are what you eat! This saying holds true not just for your overall health, but for your skin as well. Well, if you are blessed with excellent genes, then you sure are lucky. But otherwise, you definitely need some extra care to keep your skin soft and supple. And if you didn’t know, what you put into your system matters as much as what you put on your skin. In fact, some of the so called ‘healthy’ foods you are eating on a daily basis can be your skin’s worst enemy.

You will be shocked to know these foods can actually cause havoc to your skin! Read on and stay away from these.

1. ‘Healthy’ cereal

Think you are doing the right thing by laying your hands on that big pack of ‘healthy’ whole wheat cereal? Well, turns out not! While whole wheat cereals are definitely low on glycemic index, we often forget that they are loaded with refined sugar, which can cause the skin to wrinkle and sag.

2. Milk

Milk might be great for your body, but for your skin? Definitely not! Milk contains growth hormones, which remains active even after pasteurization. And this when reaches the blood stream causes inflammation, increases oil production and also affects insulin. The result?  Acne and pimples, which will, in turn, leave their mark on your skin. An alternative idea would be to use organic milk as it only contains regularly occurring hormones, instead of added ones.

3. Sugar

This might not be much of a surprise! Sugars are your skin’s worst enemy. From clogging the pores to sagging, ageing faster and causing wrinkles and lines, sugar does all that can result in damaged, unhealthy skin. Not just that, unhealthy carbohydrate-laden food also be bad for your skin. These include bread, rice, whole grains, pasta etc.

4. Salt

You might know salt leads to weight gain, but did you know salt can also damage your skin? Yes, salt causes clogged pores and puffiness of the skin. Further, consuming too much salt also leads to dehydration, thereby removing moisture from the skin. And finally, consuming salt can also aggravate acne, cause dryness and ageing.

5. Alcohol

It is a known fact that alcohol can be damaging to our health, but we still enjoy that drink, don’t we? However, alcohol can change the way you look, lead to sagging of skin, dullness, unwanted wrinkles, puffy eyelids, flushed skin, crow's feet under the eyes and deep nasolabial folds. Now, think twice before you down a drink the next time!

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