Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls (Ages 1 to 10 years)


Children are easy to shop for. Except for when it is their birthday. You could be buying amazing things for your child all year round, but come that special day and you draw a blank about just what to get your baby. Here’s a list of all the things you can get your child, depending on their age group.

Ages 1 to 2

Children of ages 1 to 2 years old are at a very fragile state of growth where it is important to give them something that entertains them, as well as helps them use the motor skills they have just learned.

Building blocks are excellent gifts at this age because children learn to stack and knock down. If you buy them basic wooden blocks with colourful ABCs or other prints on them, they won’t be able to swallow them, they won’t be sucking on plastic and they won’t be breaking them either.


If you give them crayons, it’ll help develop their grasping capabilities and nourish that creative spark in them. Buy good quality easy-to-grip crayons so the baby doesn’t harm himself biting or sucking on them.


A tricycle is also an excellent gift for your child at this age. It is fun for your child, and it helps them learn to use their feet when they pedal and to sit upright on the seat. You may need to push your child around for the first few weeks but very soon, your child will learn to push or pedal the cycle.

A number of cars come with strings that your child can pull along when they walk and these are usually colourful enough to hold their attention and help them learn basic pull/push actions.

Ages 3 to 4

By this age, children usually have better motor functions and they are able to think for themselves. Birthday gifts around this age need to aid and assist their development as well as teach them newer skills.

A more advanced stacking toy can help your child learn about different shapes and how they stack up. You can continue using blocks with ABCs if you want to teach them the alphabet, or you could give them stackable blocks in different colours and shapes to help develop their basic building skills.

 Toyshine Luxury Battery Operated Kitchen Set With Lights, Sound and Carry Case

Role playing is big for children of this age and many girls try copying mommy when they play. Buying them role playing toys like basic pots and pans, a toy oven, a doctor set or even a sailor set can keep them busy for hours. We all remember the times we spent making tea with scraps of paper in your toy kettles and cups and buying these play sets are a great gift idea for your baby.

Your child is now old enough to learn how to ride a bicycle with training wheels. Both boys and girls would love this gift because it gives them more of a grown-up feel when they pedal around on their own. Teaching them how to ride, and even riding along with them will give both of you some quality fun time too.

 Copy Colour: Fruits (Copy Colour Books)

In order to develop their grasping skills and to build their sense of colour and creativity, you can buy your baby basic colouring books. Look for pictures with wide spaces for colouring and thick borders. Show appreciation when they colour and see them blossom into little painters.

Ages 5 to 6

Children this age suddenly seem to grow up fast. They are smarter now, and able to do things you could never imagine they would. Now would be a good time to give them toys that they can actually enjoy, and improve finer skills.

 Kids Mandi™ Ludo Snake and Ladder Deluxe Board Game for Fun

Board games that are not too complicated can be great for children this age. While it’s too early to give them something like Monopoly or Scotland Yard, something simple like Ludo, Chinese Checkers etc can go a long way. These will teach your child to do basic counting and also teach them how to win or lose at a game.

Mechanix 3602004 Plastic Planes - 1

 At this age, children are also able to build a little more complicated models. You can give them items like Mechanix that can be disassembled and made into something else. You can also give them basic build-and-play toys such as railway tracks or doll houses that they can assemble themselves, with perhaps some assistance from you.


Play to your child’s fantasy and gift them fun blankets that are unlike anything anyone else has in the house. Or you could get matching blankets for you and your child. In fact, items such as mermaid tail blankets or shark fin blankets are available for both adults and children and you could buy both of you one of these, or buy a fun piece for your child in their favourite colour.

 MousePotato Wireless Remote Control Rechargeable Truck Loader

Giving your child a remote control toy at this age is great because it helps improve their hand-eye coordination. It doesn’t have to be a complicated toy, but basic robots or cars or even helicopters are great gifts.

Ages 7 to 8

By this age, your child is a little more mature. He thinks of himself as quite the grownup and his gifts need to be smarter.

 Big giant coloring poster

If your child held on to his love for colouring from before, you can gift them a giant colouring poster. This can hang on their wall and they can choose to colour it any way they want, and over as many days as they want. In fact, it’s an excellent way to keep them busy without making them feel like you are coddling them.

 The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

This is probably the best time to introduce books into your child’s life. Gift them a relationship for life when you give them the gift of reading. All the classics have abridged versions for children this age, and something like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or Heidi would make excellent reading for children. Or you could even introduce them to the eternal favourites - The Hardy Boys or Enid Blyton books. The world of comic books awaits too - start with the adventures of Tintin because you can’t go wrong with it.  

Along with these, you could graduate to a slightly more complicated build-and-play set like the next level of Mechanix to teach your child more intricate construction, and to make them feel smarter and more grown-up.

Ages 9 - 10

Your child is almost a grown-up now, or at least, they think they are. Buying gifts for them at this age can get tricky because they have already started forming their own opinions about things.

 The Hound of the Baskervilles

A good place to start is to give them advanced versions of all the things you have given them when they were younger. You could introduce them to Sherlock Holmes or the children’s stories of Roald Dahl if you want to continue giving them books. You could also graduate to a more complicated level of Mechanix. You could give them toys that double up to hone their interest in how stuff works. Or you could give them more complicated board games such as Scotland Yard.

 Personalised kids namepates

Also excellent gift ideas at this age could be personalised items that your child can show off. Whether it is a hoodie with their name on it, a set of bracelets with their name, a personalised list of to-dos, a notebook with their name on it, children love showing off their things, and if it’s customised, it’s more special for them.

 Canon IXUS 185 Digital Camera

You could also buy your child a basic camera that could teach them a thing or two about photography. You could, in fact, teach them about framing, light and help them experiment. Basic point and shoot cameras are not expensive and they can make excellent gifts.

 Alex Toys Artist Studio Travel Art Set

If your child still loves drawing, you could gift them a great set of artists’ supplies that you can pick and choose. Or if they prefer to get more handsy, a set of origami instructables or embroidery or quilling basics could also give them a hobby for life.

Of course, along with these, there are traditional toys that we all grew up with. A pretty doll, a pull-and-go car, a bus, a cool watch or jewelry - if you can correctly choose it, the world of possibilities is endless. What would you gift your child? Tell us in the comments!

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