Benefits of Doing a Parent-Toddler Program

parent tot programs are good- Parenting resources by ZenParent
When my daughter was born, eight years ago, I, like every other parent was eager to understand and create possibilities for her to be the best she can be. Just like all parents, I went through the excitement as well as the anxieties involved in parenting. It is so heart-warming to see the devotion and earnestness that parents have for their children from the moment they are born. It is this earnestness that led me to look around for something that I could do together with my little one and I stumbled upon a mother toddler program run by a passionate educationist. That one year was by far the best one year of my life yet! I met some great mothers, made friendships that will last a lifetime and most importantly spent some of the most beautiful moments with my child.A parent-toddler program is conducted for children between 1-2.5 years, before they are ready to join a playgroup. Most of the institutes conduct it as a year-long program, where any one parent or grandparent accompanies the child. The program includes several age-appropriate activities designed for the parent and child to explore together. While a group of facilitators run the program, they are essentially there to guide and inspire the child’s interest in various objects and activities. The parent or guardian guides the child with the activities.Here is a list of benefits put together, based on my experience of doing a similar program:1. You get to spend exclusive time with your childWhile you always ensure that your child is your centre of attention, your focus invariably gets distributed to various other things while you are with them. Sitting in a class with your child in a Parent Toddler Program ensures that your child has your complete attention. You can spend exclusive time with your child. Both of you can understand each other, devise an effective way of communicating and expressing to each other and you can bond and enjoy being with each other without any distractions.2. You can get a deeper understanding of your childBeing with your child while she is exploring and learning gives you an opportunity to delve deeper into their personalities and understand their like and dislikes, their comfort zones, their learning styles and also their fears and anxieties.

parent tot programs are a must- Parenting resources by ZenParent

3. This can lay a foundation for your involvement in your child’s educational journeyDoing a parent-toddler program is a very subtle way of communicating to your child the value and emphasis you place on education. It also assures them of your involvement in their long journey of learning and education. It breaks the ice between the two of you early on, and they know they can approach you for deciphering any learning challenges they might face later in life.4. It can be a great learning experience for your childWhile there are many entities that offer parent-toddler programs, there are some run by committed early-education enthusiasts. A quality parent-toddler program can offer many educational benefits to your child. Choose your program wisely. There is phenomenal amount of research happening on early childhood development, and are a number of pre-schools implementing this research, reaching out and making a difference in every child!5. The program ensures easy transitioning to pre-schoolAfter doing a parent-toddler program, toddlers find it easier to transition to pre-school. Having started their schooling with you, they are comfortable with the idea of school, of teachers and learning.6. It is a great place to meet like-minded people in the same walk-of-lifeA parent-toddler program is a great place to interact with other parents. You will suddenly find so much that you can discuss with someone in a similar phase of life. For all you know, you may very well hit it off with some parents and make long-term friendships.Some mothers quit work like I did, after the child is born and are desperately looking for a place to meet and bond with people. This can be a great way to socialize for several parents.7. The school can guide you with parenting suggestionsIt is not unusual for parents, especially first-timers to hit a roadblock time and again with their parenting pursuits. A good parent-toddler program usually engages a child-psychologist on board who can hear you out and offer solutions for those innumerable travails you are facing with your adorable little monsters.Image Sources: via Pixabay