Benefits of Bottle Feeding

As a to-be mother or new mother you have heard it being said enough and more times that breast feeding is the best for you and your baby. Sure! But not all of us want to breast feed, which is totally fine. Still many of us want to but cannot breast feed, which is just life! And whoever said bottle feeding didn’t have its perks? It sure does. As a mother whose first child was lactose-intolerant and who herself was a zombie by the time baby number 2 arrived – bottle feeding was a blessing. I sure did resort to it extensively with both my little ones.Here are some of the benefits of bottle feeding:1.It is less stressfulEstablishing a breast feeding schedule is no mean feat. It could be quite some time before the baby learns to properly latch, suckle and eventually have her fill. It takes a new mommy also a while to figure out comfortable feeding postures for her and the baby. And all this while you will be stressing yourself; doubting yourself and taking that so not required guilt trip. Relax! Bottle feed your baby! Spare yourself the stress!2. It is less painfulBreast feeding comes with its share of pain. Engorged breast, cracked nipples and bites of a teething baby – Ahh! Only a mom who breast feeds knows pain such as these. And don’t even get me started on the pain of breast feeding with a retracted nipple! It’s completely okay to not want to self inflict pain and choose to bottle feed you little one. 3.You can eat and drink what you pleaseMoms who breast feed need to be careful with their diets. What you eat and drink affects your little one. Allergies in the little one and you will have to moderate your diet to identify what doesn’t suit her and omit it even if temporarily from your diet. Bottle feeding gives you the freedom to eat and drink what you will, of course if you are obsessing over getting back your pre-baby bod!


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4. You can feed anywhereLet’s face it, our society still chooses to stop – stare (rather gape) – judge you for committing a crime such as feeding in public. (It is way beyond time our society grew up but that is another discussion altogether!) It is not easy to find a nursing room wherever you go to feed the little one. Switch to bottle feeds and you can feed anywhere you please, guaranteeing you a tummy-full and happy baby!5. You know your baby has had her fillWith breast feeding most moms worry whether their little one had their fill. Feeding times could range from 10 minutes to an hour and would still be clueless about how much of it was actually spent drinking milk! With bottle feed you know exactly how much your little one had, and can thus rest assured when she has had her fill, that is till the next feed.6. You can predict feed timesWhen you know how much your little one has really had you can understand when she would need to feed again. Babies who breast feed usually need more frequent feeds, possibly every 1-2 hours. With bottle feeds babies tend to feed lesser frequently, possibly every 3-4hours and thus lesser number of feeds in the day. 7. You can stop with the guessworkWhy is she crying – is she tired? Is she hungry? Is she gassy? Oh why can I not tell what is with my little one?? With bottle feeds since the amount and frequency is more predictable you can better understand and know when your little one is hungry and when she is just plain tired!


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 8. Everyone gets to pitch inBottle feeding means anyone and everyone can actually feed the baby. You could share this awesome experience with the father, the grandparents, the caregiver or even the ever-so-eager elder sibling (though you might want to have him or her do that under some very watchful eyes!)9. You can have some much needed “ME” timePost the baby now anyways everything is about the baby. Everybody is harping about the baby! You are worrying about the baby! Suddenly “YOU” get overwhelmed with all this and could do with a well-deserved break. Bottles give you the flexibility to let others handle feeding duties while you catch that movie everybody has been raving about.10. You can get back to sleeping through the night fasterWith a new born sleeping through the nights is a distant dream. Waking up for frequent feeds and nappy changes are not one of the brighter spots in your life as a new parent. Bottle fed babies tend to adapt faster to sleeping through the night. They have their tummies full and do not usually wake for comfort-feeds either.