Being a Super Mom when your Hubby Travels

It was the second day of my monthly cycle and my body ache was unbearable. I so wish someone could have come and volunteered to drop Rishi to school considering he had his weekly test and bunking school would just not be ‘okay’. But alas! If only wishes were horses! Popping in a pain killer I had to be up and drop him to school, pick up veggies and other stuff back home, get the laundry sorted on reaching home and getting lunch ready – all of this in the three hours that I would get before I would have to rush again to pick Rishi up from school. Considering the school bus facility is not available up to my place of residence, I have to drop and pick him up and as embarrassed I am to accept this, because I fear driving, I am depended on public transport which more often than not adds to the stress. Now, if only I had my hubby at times like this, life would have been so much better. His work keeps him away most of the time and the period at times stretches for a good one month as well before we get to see him for may be four to five days before he is globe trotting for work again!So how is it managing all by yourself when your hubby is traveling forever! I have listed down the times I so wish he was around. Would be great to have your experience shared as well in the comments section below if you have are managing it all alone in absence of your husband when he travels.During my deliverySounds unbelievable, right? The saga began right then! Work kept him away and how much I hated this! I really really wanted him to be there to hold our little bundle of joy as soon as he arrived but it was on her ninth day that this happened. The hurt is still there and I doubt it shall ever go!Doctors VisitFrom her first visit to the doctor up till now, I have been managing it all alone. Not that I cannot, but it does pain to see both the partners with their child sitting waiting for their turn whereas I am left being alone! It would have been so nice to have him accompany me. And more so, when Rishi is suddenly down with a temperature. Just the emotional  support matters so much!School Selection and AdmissionsWork again kept him away when it was time to decide on Rishi’s school and run around for all the admission formalities. The running around did not hurt, but it was his absence specially when there were couples all around me!Weekends and MoviesWhere weekdays going to the park isn’t too much of an issue as it is usually moms around with their children, on weekends, it is a family affair – be it at the park or play centres.  Would have been great to see Rishi on his fathers shoulder demanding all his time and attention.TantrumsAs Rishi is becoming older, at times he throws his tantrums which are so difficult for me to handle. I miss having my hubby around who through his subtle ways would have mellowed him down. I tend to blow my top off. I am sure if he was around, I would have been more stable in handling Rishi.Social GatheringsThe school that Rishi goes to is super active in organizing parents meet and picnics! It does get embarrassing to make a solo appearance all the time and specially I somehow feel that Rishi too would be feeling left out considering all children have their dadda’s to play with them. This has resulted in me avoiding all kinds of social gatherings which also include a lot many family get-togethers as well.EmergencyJust a couple of days back I had a power cut off and I really did not know what to do as our electrician was not in town. Rishi refused to come down with me to hunt for an electrician. I so wish my hubby was here. I could have just called him and he would have sorted this matter out by sending someone home. I hate getting my hands dirty with these kind of chores.Me-time!And last but not the least, in his absence, I end up getting zero me-time! From waking Rishi up for school, to getting him ready and simultaneously getting the breakfast ready, dropping him to school, meals, his paly time etc etc. I need to admit – all of this stresses me so much!