Behenji to babe in 6 easy steps

Salwar kameez is so popular amongst Indians that it should share the honours of being the national dress along with the elegant saree. I mean, think about it. The salwar kameez is functional by day and can turn into an extravaganza for your evening parties too. There are a hundred different styles and patterns to choose from and each one can be tailor made to cling at the right places and fall serenely at others (you know the places we are talking about!)

Sometimes women make the mistake of choosing the wrong cut that immediately drops their style quotient by a several dozen points. Seriously! Here are some of the commonest mistakes:

1. Wrong footwear

The commonest mistake is the footwear one. Take a look at this photo. Footwear tapers the salwar-kameez and really is the cherry on your ensemble. As a rule platform heels and flat heels do not work when wearing loose salwars. However going to the other extreme may not be nice either.

2. Unfitted

We understand that comfort is your priority. But please do not try wearing a salwar kameez that is too loose to flatter your natural body shape. As a rule, the kameez armhole should end half an inch under your arms. Any looser and you are not going to look haute!

3. Over accessorizing

By its design, salwar kameez is colourful and Indian. It needs just one statement piece to go with it. If opting for chandelier earrings, go with that- and end it. Do not try to add a heavy neckpiece too otherwise the piece tends to look gaudy and loud.

4. Too much make up

Again, just because it is an Indian function, refrain from very heavy makeup when wearing strong colours in your suit. It ends up distracting from the centrepiece – YOU.

5. Not in fashion

Whether you are buying or stitching your suit, take a look at the styles that are doing the rounds. However if your mother has saved up some classic styles, they count as vintage and can be worn anytime.

6. Wrong fabric or colour for the season

Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics during summers. There are some excellent collections in linen and cotton that are more worthy of your time than all the polyester in the world. Same goes for colours. Pick colours that are in vogue and you are sure to rock your party.

Write in and tell us if you think we helped you!