Be silly, be a kid!

My almost 3 year old R was quietly sitting on my lap one day. He turned to me and said, “Amma I want to be OLAF”. I was taken aback for a second because both of us have not watched Frozen. I recovered and said, “Oh okay. What should I be then?”. “Elsa.” Came a prompt reply. He would then only respond to OLAF all day and not his name. I would call him olaf and he would respond and I refused to respond to amma, and just responded to Elsa. We burst into giggles every time….This then became a ritual every morning.We wake up and briefly snuggle. We then have the following conversation.Me: What do you want to be today?R: Fire engine.Me:thats cool. Who shall I be?R: Today, you be a……..Fire truck?Me: Okay Fire Engine. Its time to get up now and brush. Lets go!Thats how our morning begins. Everyday. With us deciding who we will be. We then address each other with those names all through the day. Its a secret game. Only the two of us are know the stories behind our characters. We exchange knowing winks and smiles all through the day. Sometimes it makes us smile through a meltdown or a difficult time in a day.Somedays he is Olaf and I am Elsa. Somedays he is a tabla and I am gabla. Somedays he is Mickey and I a Minnie. Most days these days, he is a Fire Engine and I am a Fire truck. I am okay with that.We feel such a strong connection as we play this pretend game. It might be so silly to people who don’t know the story behind it , might find it crazy that I call him Tabla.Its good to be silly. Being silly, heals your soul. Being silly makes you giggle with your almost 3 year old. Connects you with your child in seconds. Being silly gives you that inner peace and joy. Being Silly with your child is priceless.Be Silly.