Back with a blogathon!

Just when things were getting quiet around ZenParent, we are back once more with a blogathon! This time in association with Venturesity, the one-stop shop for companies to find the exact talent they're looking for. And we are looking for mums who can share the parenting journey with us, for mums who are looking to exchange ideas and opinions with other mums online, for mums who have strong voices and unafraid to use them in order to make easier the confusions of other mothers. Whether it's a review that you'll be writing or a rant about how you cannot exclusively breastfeed for one day more, it's all here on the the ZenParent-Venturesity challenge.Here's how it works. You head over to Venturesity and apply to the ZenParent challenge there. You go through their application process and come up with the BlogPost you want to write on. Post this on your blog and send us a link to it. You don't have to do the next bit but it would be great if you could post a link to the challenge on your blog and tag other mothers who want to have a go at a rant or a review.What are you going to be writing on? Four really easy and fun things.Scour your city listings for events meant for kids and draw us a list of them in your city. Describe each event in one line and why you recommend it.A rant, a sentimental moment that you want to express, an experience you want to share with other parents, a change you want to see in the way children are brought up, anything that tells us you have a strong opinion on something.Build us a solid list of products that you would buy online according to the stage of maternity you are in. That could be a to-be mum, a new mum or a mum to a toddler/school-goer/teenager.And finally, if this is what works for you, review a product for us. This could be a product you use for your child (no matter what age), or a product for a new mum or an expectant one. Do you want to review a toy? Go for it. A growth aid like a jungle gym or a play mat. That works too. Or a bath or skin product? That's perfect. Anything you've bought (and is preferably available online as well) and have used for yourself or the baby, review it and tells us how good (or bad!) it is.So these are the four things you need to blog about. Remember, blog it on your blog, tag and link to ZenParent and Venturesity, post your entry and send Venturesity the link to your blog along with the entry (just to be safe!)Good luck!