The Bachchans like you’ve never seen them before! (Hint: Photos)

We don’t quite know the occasion, but my god, we love the pictures! No one looks as gorgeous as the Bachchan family when they decide to turn out in their best. From the regal Sr Bachchan to the utterly gorgeous Aishwarya - who seems to be defying age even without Photoshop -- and everyone else in between are a complete treat to watch. Throw in a totally non-fussy Aradhya and a stunning looking Shweta Bachchan and you have a family that you want to give to science and ask of their genes.

Here’s a brand new set of pictures of the family like you’ve never seen before. We had a great time looking at them. You should too.



Psst: Check out Aishwarya’s stunning outfit and Shweta’s gorgeous hairdo. Abhishek’s clothes...erm, no comments.