Baby Taimur has a twin and the pictures are going viral!

There is none like celebrity kids or so we thought. Well, the latest buzz that has been making the world go gaga is Lil Taimur's adorable look alike! Yes, you read that right. If you have been gushihng about Saif and Kareena's little fellow, get ready to go 'awww' all over again. The cutest kid in tinsel town now has a doppelganger and we have the pics!


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If you, just like us, have been delighting over the aww-inducing photos of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s baby boy Taimur Ali Khan, get ready to have your heart melted all over again as this cutest kid in the tinsel town has a doppelganger!

Yes, you read that right. Internet has found Taimur’s look-alike, because it just cannot get enough of him. 

His doppelganger is a baby girl named Inaya. No, no, she is not Soha Ali Khan’s daughter, but Inaya Shoaib, who was born on Dec. 5 last year, and internet thinks she has some uncanny resemblance with the adorable star kid.

Take a look at her pictures, she has got the same blue eyes. *awestruck*

We are having a strong urge to pull both their cheeks. Taimur and Inaya, you're both too cute to be true.