Baby girl periods, acne and other newborn worries not to worry about!


Taking your newborn home can be overwhelming and daunting at the same time. While new moms are all excited about the new member in their home, they are also worried about the many ‘newborn worries’ that come with the tiny human.

But, worry not mommies! We have your back. There are a few things which are completely normal and you just need to worry about. Here are 6 newborn worries not to worry about!

1.    Touching the soft spots on the head

Ask any new mom and she will tell how she freaked touching her baby’s head. There is this soft spot on every newborn’s head, also known as the fontanels. And no, this is NOT the brain of the baby. It is a protective membrane that helps your little one survive the rough ride during birthing. Since his skull is flexible, your little one’s head has already survived a bumpy ride and you touching it means absolutely no harm. Be gentle though! And don’t freak out if you feel his pulse on this spot. It is very normal.

2.    Blood in your girl’s diaper

During the first few days after birth, it is common for baby girls to have a mini period. Yes, you read that right. This is mainly due to pregnancy hormones, which travel from the mom to the baby in the womb itself. So expect the uterus to shed a little blood once your girl is born. This will however settle in a couple of weeks or days. And it is because of the same hormones that your little girl’s breasts also tend to swell a bit. Worrisome? Not at all!

3.    A small hollow in the chest

No, your baby does not have a heart problem! The baby’s breastbone is made up of three parts and the one you feel and freak is probable the bottom most one, which is angling backward. But worry not, this perfectly normal bit of newborn anatomy will also be rectified by Mother Nature, as your baby’s chest and belly muscled straighten out. And even before that, layers of baby fat will cushion it up!

4.    Squishy poops after every feed

If you thought your baby had diarrhoea just because he/she pooped after every feed, think again! Breast fed babies poop after every feed simply because breast milk gets digested that fast.  And as for the squishy nature, newborn poop is squishy simply because they are on a liquid diet.

5.    Hiccups

Saw your baby hiccupping at the middle of the night? Don’t freak! This is probably due to a miscommunication between your baby’s brain and the diaphragm, the muscles that control breathing. So, regardless of why it happens, hiccupping is a completely normal part of babyhood.

6.    Pimply facial rash

Thanks to all the maternal hormones, your newborn is likely to have acne between 2 weeks and 2 months. Well, that does not mean he/she needs an acne face wash! Just follow a gentle cleansing routine and the rash will vanish on its own.

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