Awesome Superpowers you pick up as MOM!

mothers and their unique superpowers- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Motherhood changes you forever. Yes, I mean you, your body, your talents and everything in between. But it also gives you some kind of superpowers, which only a mom can accomplish. Yes, you know what I’m talking about –1. The "Finding" superpower – You can find anything and I mean anything, in short notice. That Spiderman tee you haven’t seen in a year – check, the tiny Lego man that your kiddo brought to grandma’s house and needs NOW – check. You’ve got it all mapped and charted and can find it just like that. The downside? Every time your lo whines about something, daddy is probably gonna shrug it off and say Ask mommy.2. The "Eidetic memory" superpower – No, you can’t remember what you wore yesterday. But that’s mundane. You can remember every single detail of your kid’s milestones, the day he rolled over, what was his first word, her favorite sippy cup, what blanket she hates; name it and we remember it all!3. The "Multitasking" superpower – The 'child-free you' would probably consider turning on the automatic kettle in the kitchen, going to the loo while texting on the phone as multitasking. Move over imbecile, cos' the 'mommy you' has taken it to a completely different level – you can now answer to multiple people from while probably feeding your baby and responding to a work email on the phone; all at the same time. Hell, yeah!

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4. The "Supersonic hearing" superpower – Its sometimes called shower schizophrenia – the act of hearing noises that weren’t made and in some rare cases actually made. From your place in the remote corner of the house, you can tell which creaking noise was made by whom and what is going to happen next. You know to anticipate the arrival of the child (a la Jaya Bacchan in K3G) before you see her. You can hear the alarm moments before it goes off.5. The "Super stealth" superpower – Mommies are an expert at this one. After putting down that sleeping toddler, you can give Ocean’s XI, XII and XIII (the famous Hollywood flick, you know?) a run for their money with your stealth sensing capabilities. You learn which part of the floor makes noises, how you need to belly crawl away from the kids’ room, which toilet flushes cannot be heard within and to turn all phones on silent instantaneously, should the holy toddler wake! Congratulations, you’re not a mommy, you’re a ninja!6. The "Health food" superpower – You may have eaten Doritos for lunch and dinner as a 'child-free woman' who could throw caution to the wind. Now after kids, suddenly your shopping cart is filled with avocados, bran and other 100% organic food produce that you never even noticed at the store before. You catch yourself regularly saying stuff like It’s good for your <insert-body-part-here> (brain/bones/skin/teeth); even though you haven’t the foggiest idea if it’s true. It just sounds legit!

supermom and her unique powers- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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All in all; dear mommies, feel great and feel proud- for you all are a Supermom in your own unique way!Only a mom can relate to this...The big question between being a mom with a job or a career woman with a baby! Which one is you? Click here to find out your answer...Featured Image Source