Astrological options for infertility

For those of you who believe astrology is your last resort, here's some insight on infertility. After their marriage, a couple looks forward to having children and relishing the joys of raising a family is something that most people yearn. Unfortunately in some scenarios and due to multiple factors, a couple cannot conceive. No amount of professional or personal success can compensate for this situation. Childlessness also causes a stress in the marriage bond, as the couples lose patience and try to cope with something that they had hoped would happen naturally. Scenarios like this also invite undue pressure from families and society, which does not help the situation.

Astrology and Childlessness

For centuries now, Vedic astrology has developed and found links between astrology and birth times with the different aspects of a person’s life, including business, education and something as personal as conceiving a child. A lot of the negative astrological effects on childless couples can be attributed to Jupiter and Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Misalignment of these planets is known to result in a negative energy that affects personal life, with adverse effects on the possibility of pregnancy.

The Different Doshas

Conditions that create a negative situation or landscape for a person’s development are called doshas in the terminology of Vedic astrology. The doshas happen because of bad positioning of certain planets during the birth time of an individual. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are considered the malefic planets and if they are in an unfavourable position during one or both of the couple’s birth-times a dosha is created. This negative energy can manifest itself in many ways and one of them is failure to conceive children. Mars is one of the most negatively influential planets when it comes to negative vibes. Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes that are part of the navagrahas of Vedic astrology and are a main influencing factor. They are phases that are often associated with doshas, including those that can create an obstruction to expecting or hopeful parents. The unfavourable position of the sun in the twelve stations of the zodiac too accounts to a chunk of the doshas.

Doshas and Childlessness

Pitru dosha is considered one of the main causes of delay in birth or childlessness. Karmic debt is an important belief of the ancient Vedic belief system. Pitru dosha is a result of karmic debt, due to the misdeeds or unnatural deaths of ancestors. This bad vibe can cause childlessness. Doshas caused by the sun can also cause delay or inability for couples to conceive. Doshas caused by the bad influences of the moon and Jupiter are also known to affect parenthood. Weak moons are considered a cause of childlessness.

Ways to Counter Bad Astrological Vibes

Worshiping your deity is one of the many ways to look for a solution from bad vibes of doshas. There are certain rituals and pujas that can be performed to stop the influence of Pitru doshas and these will help couples land in a better environment to be able to conceive. The Santan Gopal Strot is considered a ritual that helps couples beat the negative vibes and receive blessings that help them bear child.

Physical well-being is as important in countering the negative effects of malefic planets along with worship and rituals.  Yoga breathing techniques like Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati have been recommended. Many practices propagated by modern science with regard to weight, fitness and health have been recommended by Vedic experts for thousands of years as they too are part of the negative equations affecting couples.

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