Are you worried about your Child’s future?

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For the year 2015-16, St.Stephen’s college Delhi, one of the prestigious institutions of our country announced its cut off for admission into their BA English honours program as 99%.  When parents read news headlines like these, their hearts skip a beat. For the middle class that swears by education as a way to the good life, these statistics scare the hell out of us. It puts the fear in our heart as to how our children are going to cope in the future.Yes, parents worry about the future of their children- especially if you have a child that is not doing well in academics, these almost utopian cut off scores leave us feeling overwhelmed. On one side we feel incredulous that such a score is even possible and on the other side we wonder how many people are scoring this way for the institute to make such a decision ?. Does this mean, our kid is the only tool that is not the sharp one in the shed? And this thought further spins into a flurry of decisions- should I send my child for tuitions? Should I quit my job and focus more on the academics of my child ? Should I find a different curriculum which would play to my child’s skills? Maybe the new age school which claims to focus more on applied concepts is what my child needs…

future prospects of children-Parenting resources by Zenparent

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 Frenzy of thoughts because of the panic in our hearts that we need to be doing “something” to enable our children to cope up with this craziness. And when parents panic, we put our children also through that negativity. Our fear will get transferred to our children and when thoughts and actions come from a place of fear, they just don’t yield positive results.But .. Let us take a minute to reflect back on the back benchers in our classroom growing up  and of course the toppers too. Remember that kid who used to be a regular #1 ranker in class (the good old days when everybody was compared and ranked ) – is he/she a CEO today? A housewife? A freelancer? An artist? What about that kid who was always goofing around and scoring poorly? Wait, didn’t he just win the best salesman award in his company ? Before we begin to work ourselves into a panic on how our kid is ever going to cope in this dog eat dog world, let us take a breath and do a quick flashback on our own lives and the success stories around us. Who is happy? Who is successful? Who turned out okay ? Who lost the plot?Nobody has the answers to these questions and no one can predict the future. But this is what helps me sleep at night. Our kids will be okay, just like we turned out okay. God knows we were not perfect. Everybody will have a place under the sun where they CAN find happiness. All my kids need are my unconditional love, my unconditional support for their dreams and my promise to them that they can hit me up for anything that is within my ability to give. If I can give this trust to my child, they will find their place on this earth- where they can harness their abilities and find their happiness. All that is within MY ability is to consistently instill in them values that I believe are right for them to lead a good life. Everything else…. Is just fluff.Click here to know if you're over-protective towards your child...Featured Image Source