Are you shielding Your kid too much? A Checklist

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As parents, we want our children to be happy. Always. But have we, somewhere down the line, confused this happiness with a life without challenges and consequent learning experiences? When we constantly try to cocoon our kids from the hardships and offer a life full of privileges, laughter and sunshine; have we thought for a moment what will our kids do when they are out there on a rainy day?Take a moment to answer the following questions and assess if you are indeed bringing up your kid to be a happy adult or not.1) Is your kid’s happiness the most important thing in your life?2) Do you never upset your kid by always letting him have his way sooner or later?3) Do you feel it is not so important for your kid to help in the daily chores?4) Do you panic at the slightest hint of difficulty or discomfort your child stands to face?

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5) Do you think that by giving your child all the things that you did not have as a kid, you are making him happy?6) Do you believe that struggle and conflict are hazardous for your child’s self-esteem?7) Do you think it is okay if your kid does not value every small little thing especially if it doesn’t have a high monetary value attached to it?8) Do you agree that kids should not go through any trying times or else they will lose their self- worth?9) Do you think that your kid will learn important life skills like responsibility, decision making, patience and resilience through books and in classrooms?

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10) By sharing some of the family concerns and dilemmas, do you think you are making your kid depressed?11) Are you ok with covering up for your kid when he is late or has made a mistake?12) Do you praise your kid all the time?13) Do you believe that only parents are responsible for the happiness and success of their kid?If you have answered any of the questions with a "Yes" then it’s time to wake up and convert all the answers to a "No" and let your kid grow up to be a happy and successful individual.Featured Image Source