Are we Hyper parenting today

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Today’s parents are more involved parents. We make sure that we go for all our children’s events. Chaperone them to their sports games. Chauffeur them to their multiple activities. Try to feed them healthy. Run at the sight of Maggi. Try to buy organic. You get the drift. But somewhere along the line, have we also become a trifle hyper about parenting?  It is not about what we believe in, it is just that whatever we do, there is a little bit of extremism about it.1. Even before birth: From the time we get that positive on the HPT, we start paying extra attention to what we are eating. This is great. Then we go a step further and start reading books that tell us what music to play for the child and how we can improve the intelligence of the child in utero! Once the babies are born, and start crawling, I actually know of a parent who put knee pads on her child to prevent chaffing!!! Now, we also have DVD series like Baby Mozart and Baby Einstein that claim to make our babies more intelligent!2. Transport: When we were younger, we used to ride the cycle to school or take public transport. Today, I cannot dream of doing either with my kids. I can argue that traffic has become crazier or things have become more unsafe or have we become too protective?3. Obsession with basics: In the recent past, basic things like eating and sleeping have become a closely monitored obsession. Parents are particular about what times they “should” be eating and what time they "should" be sleeping and try to over “routinize” I read a statistic that “sleep training” of babies is the topic with the most number of books written on the subject, that is sold on more than 25000 paperbacks. Fascinating! So much for our parents telling us, “You don’t do anything but sleep!” Apparently, it is not so easy when you are a baby and you have to learn it from books!

what is hyper parenting- ZenParent

4. Over scheduling: Today, if you want to make sure that your business should succeed, look for an idea in the education sector. It is the only sure fire winner. Parents are ready to spend the money for anything that they believe will give their kids an extra edge in life. Children used to start preparing for engineering college entrance exams from the 11th Today, they start in the 8th grade. Every class that is advertised for children gets filled to capacity. Parents, today, want to leave no stone unturned in their efforts towards doing the best for their children. Monday through Friday, we have to do be actively “doing” something.5. My child is right: There was a funny cartoon I saw, the gist of it being: In the olden days, when the child did badly in school, the parents would scold the child in front of the teacher chiding him/her for not putting in enough efforts. Today, the parents scold the teacher for not getting their child to score better – changing times! It is true that parents seem to be more defensive about their children these days. We refuse to accept criticism and tend to have higher expectations from the teacherWhen we were kids, I think our parents had bigger problems occupying their minds- how to put food on the table, how to pay the school fees and the likes of it. Today, with most of us at least being comfortably middle class, we need something else to occupy our minds- and what better projects can we ask for but our very own children!