Are Dates Healthy For Babies

Introducing ‘Dates’ in your child’s food can be a very good idea because of it’s innumerous benefits. They provide instant energy and contain essential vitamins and minerals which are much needed for a child growth.Are Dates Allowed In An Infant’s Diet?Yes, dates can be introduced in your baby’s food once they turn 6 months old. Introducing dates in your baby’s regular diet ensures excellent nutrition.Like any foods, start slow, adding one dates at a time, along with other fruits or as it is. You can either mash it with any fruit, steam it along with other fruits, or steam and serve as it is minus the seed of course.are date good for infants - ZenParentHealth Benefits Of Dates For ChildrenHelps To Cure Intestinal Disturbances: They help in eliminating parasitic organisms and help establish friendly bacteria in intestines.Remedy For Gastric Ulcers: Some children suffer from acidity, acid reflux and ulcers. Dates can be given to the baby in addition to regular treatment to alleviate this condition. Research shows that dates can reduce ulcers significantly.Nutrient Dense Food: Dates are high in vitamins and minerals which are essential for a baby’s growth. Dates are high in Calcium and Magnesium which are indispensable for bone health making it ideal for babies and toddlers whose bones are still developing. Dates are also rich in Potassium which is important for baby’s growth and brain development.Dates For Strong Teeth: Teething infants can be given ripened dates for better dental development. Research suggests that chewing dates can strengthen gums and their teeth can grow quicker and stronger.Dates Provide Nourishment During Fever: Dates infused in milk is a very nourishing drink for children and works extremely well when children are down with a fever. Rich in nutrients, dates promote speedy recovery.Dates Help Protect The Liver: Liver is easily affected by bacterial and viral infections in infants and little children. Typhoid, hepatitis, jaundice etc to name a few. Try including dates in your baby’s diet because studies have shown that dates contain liver protective properties.Remedy For Dysentery: Dysentery is generally caused by a bacterial infection in the large intestine. The sweet pulp of dates is found to be good for controlling dysentery.Helps In Alleviating Constipation By Acting As A Natural Laxative: Dates contains high amount of dietary fiber and thus is essential for adding bulk to the stool and promotes water absorption in the stool. This therefore results in smoother bowel movement.

healthy benefits of dates for children - ZenParent

Although dates are extremely beneficial in your  child’s diet, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to use them. 
  • Always use ripened dates. Unripe dates contain tannins which may cause adverse reactions in toddlers and children. 
  • Introducing dates post 6 months is always a better idea 
  • Make sure that the fruit is steamed not boiled, as boiling can wash away all the necessary ingredients. 
  • As with all foods, introduce dates one at a time and watch out for allergic reactions.
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