This app is all you need to protect your child!

Have you ever seen a child quietly weeping by him/herself? At a roadside dhaba, drying clothes from a balcony across, sitting at a railway station shivering and looking petrified. I have. And have wondered what I can do about it. As I am rushing off someplace with that stark visual (I can’t unsee) from my mind, I have often wondered what I can do to help.


The answer is here. The Maharashtra government recently launched an app whereby you can file complaints of child abuse. “CHIRAG will primarily provide assistance to individuals who wish to report cases of child abuse,” says an official. CHIRAG  stands for Child Helpline for Information on Rights and Address Grievances.


If you have seen or suspect something terrible happen to a child near you report it now! You may just save a life. Also we invite feedback on whether this app is user friendly and you got a resolution in the way you had hoped for. Please write in to

Here’s some quick information.