Anshu Jamsenpa: Force of nature, 5-time Everest conquerer, mother — Monday inspiration

I am always up for a story like this. And when it comes on a Monday morning, I feel so inspired that I want to reorganise my entire life so that I too achieve something like this before I die. And then Wednesday comes, or a Thursday, and I am back to worrying about walking the dog or getting into work without wanting to kill the person who cuts me off on narrow roads.

But those things haven’t gotten in the way of Arunachalee climber Anshu Jamsenpa, when she made seriously jaw-dropping history yesterday by scaling Mt Everest. Not once but twice within five days. Read that again. Twice in five days. And this isn’t the first time she’s doing it either. She’s also the first Indian woman to have climbed the Everest five times. And all by the time she’s 32 years old. “My only aim now is to unfurl the national flag once again atop the Everest and pay homage to Lord Buddha. I seek blessings and support from my fellow countrymen,” Jamsenpa was quoted as saying, by her manager just before she began her second climb last week. Prayers were organised in several monasteries and temples back home in Arunachal Pradesh and elsewhere in the region. Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama had flagged off the mountaineer's double ascent expedition from Guwahati on April 2 this year.

While I have serious issues trying to plan my weekly gym classes, managing my job, my kids and my dog and the small semblance of a social life, Anshu, a mother of two, has been quietly creating history. Her motherly and wifely duties are not an excuse for the things she wants to achieve. I would do anything to have her motivation. But it also makes me wonder about how supportive her husband is. It’s no secret that in order for one person to achieve something great, the spouse needs to be supportive and take on a whole lot more than the spouse that sets out to conquer great things. And we also know that if both people in a marriage are keen on making something great, then there’s a greater support system at work.

Anshu began her double ascent on Friday morning, her husband Tsering Wange told the press. Jamsenpa along with Nepali climber Furi Sherpa scaled the peak at 8 am on 21 May.The mountaineer from Arunachal Pradesh had reached the top of Mt Everest at 9.15 am on 16 May last. Jamsenpa set the world record for becoming the first woman climber to reach the top of Mt Everest twice within five days. She had achieved the feat of summiting Mt Everest twice within 10 days in 2011. Anshu had also climbed Mt Everest in 2013 from the Nepal side.

This story speaks to me of so much grit, so much commitment, such a strong desire to create greatness. It talks of ambitions that women let go of very early, especially if they’re married. Why be great when you can be comfortable is what a lot of us have become. Anshu, for me, is a symbol of power and determination. It takes hours and hours of training, working on your body, strengthening your mind, eating right, sleeping right -- all this while your family needs you and you need them. Anshu, is a symbol of hope and inspiration for me, that one day I too shall aspire for greatness. Whether I achieve it or not.