And it’s time to get real about pads and tampons! Here’s what’s best for you

 What is that one thing every woman has to endure throughout her life? Yes, you got it right! It is menstruation. For the longest time now (probably ever since your first period), most of us almost have a love affair with sanitary pads. And then came the tampons and some of us were even brave enough to take the new route.

However, if you are still in a fix about what’s best for you, we help you weigh the pros and cons!

Why are pads a good option?

#Pads don’t stain your clothes

The idea of a pad might be an ancient one, but pads do provide enough protection and prevent you from staining your clothes. So much so, that they could easily absorb a bottle of ink, maybe? Also, pads cover most of part of the underwear they are stuck on, so there is very less room for accidents. However, this might not hold true if you are moving around a lot.

#No insertion needed

We all hate to fiddle with our parts, don’t we? And especially when we are in our period, messing around with the vagina is the last thing on any woman’s mind. Pads care for those girls who would like to avoid the painful insertion and removal or ‘getting stuck’. Yes, it is very much possible for tampons to get stuck inside you. So, don’t believe those legends!

#Safe overnight

One of the biggest advantages of using a pad is that they are the best choice for sleeping. Tampons when left overnight can be dangerous and lead to infections. So, even a tampon-loving girl would not mind stocking up some night pads for when the period cramp gets to her and all she wants to do is crawl into her bed.

What we don’t like about pads


The possibility of a pad line peeping through your pant might be something you would want to know before you make a choice. This might especially become a problem if you don’t want to make your period a public affair.

#Less freedom for movement

Pads are a little less reliable when it comes to letting you move around freely while bleeding down there. The fear of it shifting places, leaving you with scarlet underpants is a thing on every girl’s mind. And this is true even with those ‘full cover’ ones. And if you thought a sticky tape might help you stop your pad from moving, you might want to know it will not work.

#Picking the right underwear

There is no way you can flaunt skimpy underwear while you are on your period. Unfortunately, pads require bigger underwear, which you also don’t mind staining and that is no fun, especially when the period hormones are already driving you up the wall.

Why are tampons a good option?


In today’s age, there is no need to be ashamed of periods. However, if you would still like to keep it discrete, tampons are the best bet. You can simply put it in your pocket, without having to hide it behind your back before you finally sneak it into the bathroom.

#No wet feeling

Even the pads that promise maximum absorption make you feel wet, don’t they? But this problem is completely eliminated with tampons. And if you are feeling squeamish about menstrual blood sticking on your underwear for a long time, tampons are a good option.

#Freedom of movement

No, we are not talking about the ones you see in ads where the woman is jumping fences wearing a white pant. Let's get real! Tampons are every swimmer’s pet, simply because they let them be in the water for longer without the fear of leaking all over the suit. Plus, tampons just offer more movement, letting you almost forget its presence.

#You can’t feel a thing

While a pad might constantly remind you of your period, tampons leave you with one reminder less for the day. If inserted properly and deep into your vagina, you must not feel the tampon at all. Plus, removing them is as easy as tugging out that little cotton string!

What we don’t like about tampons

#You might forget all about it

You know that visibility we just spoke about? It can be dangerous too! Sometimes tampons might make you forget your period so much that you might not even bother to change. This might lead to accidental leakage, which definitely is not fun.

#Getting the size wrong

If your frequent the woman’s hygiene section in the superstore you might have noticed that tampons don’t come in one-size-fits-all. So finding the right size for your vagina can be tricky and annoying.

#Insertion can be uncomfortable

Inserting anything down there can be dreadful, especially if you don’t have enough practice.  And if you get the angle wrong, the resulting pressure might drive you mad!  

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