And its out! This is the ‘real’ equation between Aishwarya and Shweta!

Kareena and Soha are not the only nanad-bhabhi to share a great equation. Aishwarya and her sister-in-law Shweta Nanda are as adorable and affectionate too.

Apart from belonging to Bollywood’s first family, the two ladies share one more thing in common- they exude elegance and grace like no other. However, not many of us are aware of the equation these Bachchan ladies share since they like to keep it all private and confidential.

But, we have a few pictures of Ash and Shweta and all we get out of them are major sister-in-law goals! Take a look!


And that's how Shweta and Ash walk hand-in-hand! They look like soul sisters, don't they?

Ok, smile please! Now, that is a really cute one!

When the ladies of the house pose, the monkey of the house ought to photo-bomb!

Move over moms. Aunts are the new cool and Shweta Nanda sure loves her lil niece to the moon and back.

And the Bachchans never differentiate between their bahus and beti. Mum-in-laws, please make note!

The Bachchan ladies pose with their favourite man! 

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