And it’s finally out! This is the secret Shilpa Shetty wants all mommies to know!

Ageless beauty Shilpa Shetty has always been on the fore front be it for her fitness regime or her flawless skin and hair. From bouncing back to her pre-pregnancy weight to launching her own fitness website, this sultry actress has left no stone unturned to stay slim, trim and gorgeous.

Apart from swearing by diet and yoga for that svelte body, Shilpa also follows a religious beauty regime to keep her skin and hair glowing. While we do agree that good skin and hair have a lot to do with genes, the little things we do on a daily basis can make a big difference too. And this is just what Shilpa Shetty swears by.

So mommies, let motherhood not deter you from looking fit and fabulous. Here are beauty tips you must steal from Shilpa!

For Skin

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No matter how late, Shilpa makes sure she removes every ounce of makeup before she goes to bed. And guess what she uses to remove her makeup? The lovely lady relies on baby oil to get rid of all the foundation and blush, before she hits the bed. This is her recipe: Take equal quantities of baby oil and coconut oil, mix well and remove your makeup using cotton wool.

The reason why Shilpa prefers baby oil is because makeup removers can dry out the skin that has already suffered the ill-effects of makeup. So using other oils can clog pores and lead to breakouts and acne. Baby oil is safe, light and gentle on the skin.

That said, baby oil can also be used to moisturise your skin after bath, applied on hands and feet before going to bed or also can be applied over the skin after a waxing session. So mommies, the next time you buy baby oil, buy a bigger bottle!

This aside, try and avoid using soap very often as it can remove all the essential oils from your skin. Use a mild face wash instead. Last but not the least, don’t forget that moisturiser.

How to pick the right baby oil?

Always make sure you buy light oils, as they can be absorbed easily by the skin. Heavy, sticky oils can be bad, especially if you have very sensitive skin. Also, it is preferable that you pick unscented ones, with almond or olive oil as the base. Cold-pressed varieties are great for the skin too!

For Hair

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When it comes to hair, Shilpa keeps it simple and straight. The yummy mommy shampoos her hair once in two days and also believes in changing shampoos frequently. As for styling her hair, Shilpa prefers to blow dry her hair. Heated straighteners are a big no for her. Now, that’s super easy to follow, right mommies?

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