Akshay Kumar’s letter sent 22 years ago to his fan!

Imagine a time when you write a syrupy love note to your favourite star, and....a miracle happens and you get a note back from the star himself. Addressed and posted to you! Yes, 22 years back Akshay Kumar apparently routinely did this and a fan has still kept the letter. Take a look at the respect with which he treats his admirers. We wish more stars would be like him!

Curted from India Times

Remember when he sang for Twinkle Khanna on Koffee With Karan. Well, looks like there was a time when he used to interact with his fans also in a very old school way.

One of Akshay Kumar's fan recently tweeted a letter, Akshay Kumar had written to her way back in 1995.

Vaishali Bhutani, who is currently in Netherlands, is a huge fan of Akshay and has still kept the letter she got from the superstar 22 years ago.

Khiladi Kumar, who is now active on social media, was so touched by her gesture, that he replied to her once again, this time on Twitter, and thanked her for good old days of fan mails.

The letter says,
"Dear friend,
Thank you for your letter of appreciation. These words of appreciation from our well wishers like you will definitely give impetus to an artist to strive for better performance. My forthcoming films are as follows, Sabse Bada khiladi, Baazu, Angaare, Zulmi, Lakshara, Mere Biwi Ka Jawaab Nahi, Tu Chor Main Sipahi, Keemat, Akshay, Vidrohi, Sapoot."