A-Z: 10 Indian baby names popular abroad

What’s your name?
Can I call you Sam?
No, stick with Srinivas. Sri-ni-vas. Not that hard.
Easy for you to say - by the time I roll my tongue around that, it’ll be next year.
Fine, try Srini.
Still too long.
Too hard, Sam.

Despite this, Indian parents in America persist on choosing names that they like for their kids. Just as well. A name is pretty much the only thing you choose that you can almost guarantee your child will retain later. So here are some Indian names that are popular in the United States; see if you like any of them for your baby.

  1. Aamir: Prosperous
  2. Devika: Minor Deity; Goddess
  3. Faiza: Victorious, Winner, Gain
  4. Ishaan: Lord Shiva, The Sun
  5. Krish: Lord Krishna
  6. Maya: Illusion
  7. Neel: Champion, Blue, Treasure, A Mountain, Indigo, Sapphire
  8. Piya: Beloved
  9. Rahul: Son Of Buddha, Conqueror Of All Miseries
  10. Saanvi: Goddess Lakshmi