#Wonderboxx: What Does Your Child Spend Time On?

A recent study by a Spanish organization found that children who spent over 2 hours every day in front of the TV were at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure. Another study in the US concluded that TV viewing among kids was at an 8 year high. A study by Indian researchers found that TV has a strong influence on children’s social behaviour related to interaction with other people. And it’s not just television, today children can choose from Mobile Phone games to Game Consoles and more. I can refer to more such studies, but the bottom line is that children today have many distractions to choose from while most of us as parents go with the tide. “We grew up to be just fine, didn’t we? So will our children”, we reason. “They will learn with time”.However, we forget that in our days, we spent a lot of time on real activities. We read, drew, painted, made handicrafts, learnt music, participated in quizzes, ran around, made friends and fought with them and became friends again, listened to stories, told stories, enacted stories and played mindless games. And in doing so, we learnt social skills, dabbled in creativity, indulged in healthy competitions and became who we are today. We spent time on real activities.Times have changed. Our lives have become crowded with deadlines and distractions baying for our attention. And caught in the middle of this chaos are our children. They play with the toys and gadgets we pile around them. Each toy more fun than the one before. We unwind with them before the TV, assuming that any time spent with our kids is quality time. We hand them our mobile phones to play the latest mobile games. And before soon our kids begin enjoying everything that we do, except none of these diversions are designed for a child’s fast developing mind.So what is the solution? How do we do to make it any different for our kids? After all, everything said and done, time remains the most precious commodity! And given all the constraints we have, how do we spend real quality time with our kids and unleash their creativity, creativity and innovation? Well there are many ways to do that, but the one I like the best is easy and simple – Monthly Subscription Boxes.“Now, what’s a Monthly Subscription Box? Never heard of it”, you say. Neither had I, till a friend gifted a WonderBoxx(that’s right, ‘Box’ ends with another ‘x’) to her daughter. The box had 3D animal jigsaw puzzles, stickers, DIY face masks, an original(and lovely!) storybook, a mini encyclopaedia and a couple of Do it Yourself (DIY) kits. Her daughter went berserk (in a cute way) and enthusiastically dug into the box. The 3 year old couldn’t wait to start. She had her mom read out the story to her (later I heard that she also enacted it for her mom), started completing the 3D jigsaw puzzle and before soon became completely got engrossed in her world (which is what children are supposed to do every once in a while). And all this while she was thinking, creating, learning and having fun. That day she missed her favourite cartoon show on TV (and didn’t seem to mind afterwards). The box was nothing short of an adventure for her! My friend seemed happy that her daughter was doing something interesting instead of wasting time. And then I asked her, “What happens when she gets bored of this box”? “There will be a new one next month and the month after that. It’s a monthly subscription box”, she replied with a twinkle in her eyes. Apparently WonderBoxx sends a box on a new theme every month to your doorstep. My friend seemed to have found a new way to spend real quality time with her daughter, sharpen the little one’s creativity and strengthen her mental faculties. She had subscribed to a 3 month Wonderboxx plan.Well, me being me, I dug up a little more about WonderBoxx and found that you could order an activity box online from its website,Wonderboxx.com. The boxes come for three age groups, Toddlo (for 1 – 3 year olds), Kiddo (for 3 – 5 year olds) and Ginomo (for 5+ year olds). WonderBoxx also offers “Cash on Delivery”. Here is also a snapshot of its price chart:
Subscription TypePrice per MonthDiscountCurrent Price per MonthShipping Charge 
1 Month₹1,50033.3%₹ 1,000FreeMore Details
3 Months₹1,50043.3%₹ 850FreeMore Details
6 Months₹1,50050%₹ 750FreeMore Details
12 Months₹150053.3%₹ 700FreeMore Details
Aldous Huxley, famous English writer and philosopher, once said that every child is a genius until the age of 10. Well, let’s hope that as parents we do our share to nurture that genius in our children.Note: Written in association with Wonderboxx