A Vacation! But without your kids!

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Sounds unthinkable? It's not, really.Just a couple of months ago as I struggled in vain to zero in on a vacation that would work for us as a family, it y dawned on me amidst the never-ending arguments and disagreements that sometimes the best holiday would be to spend time away from kids!So there I was harbouring this villainous thought somewhere at the back of my mind and shoving it back again every time it decided to pop up. I was a mom after all. How could I even think of something like that! But another thing we moms efficiently do is that we also blurt out things sometimes in exasperation and I did it too. I said the unstable one day in front of my kids and …..PAUSE! When i was just beginning to wonder if it was the lull before the storm, my younger son softly said, "You know what, it’s not actually a bad idea!"And we dared to try something different and out of the box. Instead of always seeing our side of the situation, we heard them out and took off for a holiday. Yes, the two of us, while my kids stayed behind under the gentle care of their grandparents. And boy! What an experience that was.

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Initially, y the mother in me refused to let go and I kept calling my kids, trying to run the show from even thousands of miles away. ‘Have you eaten on time? Is the maid turning up? Are you watching a lot of TV? Hope you are not burdening your grandparents too much’’! But soon the time zones pitched it and I had to behave myself. And as a result, my husband and I reluctantly, gradually started sinking into relaxation mode. We began thinking and behaving like individuals who have their own wishes and preferences after years of being only parents whose lives centred around what their kids ate, wore, and if they had enough fun! We used to wake up relaxed in the morning only thinking about what we would have for breakfast, how we would spend the rest of the day and what we would wear (quite important). After years, we had rediscovered our lively and adventurous sides. The most startling revelation was that we still had the ability to agree with each other (in most situations) and be good friends!

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 While we would look forward to sharing our interesting experiences at the end of the day, our kids would have theirs. We learnt that we didn’t have to be in control and supervise them all the time. The kids could and were managing just fine without us. And guess what: they were not only happier but had also learnt to be more responsible and wiser in the process. The time spent away from us had given them their valued space to  grow, something kids long for nowadays but seldom get.  It was a vacation go  them too! Trust me on this one.

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When we got back together again, we were refreshed and rejuvenated in our own respective ways, looking forward to being with each other again. It was lovely to have our kids happy to see us for a change and even hug us! Something that had faded over time.(Er..i don’t wish to mention the laundry and the mess that had piled up at home  but it wasn’t something that could not be taken care of in a week’s time ha ha!)So go ahead parents, take that time off without guilt, skip the balancing act of choosing the perfect destination and planning a perfect vacation that suits all and give your kids the holiday of a lifetime once!Featured Image Source