A new toy a week? Easy peasy!

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Toys are an integral part of a person’s childhood. When I was growing up I had my fair share of dolls and my brother had his remote controlled cars to play with, but what I remember was playing with them throughout until we reached our saturation stage. Upon reaching that stage my parents had to continuously buy new toys to keep us engaged which got me thinking;
  • How many toys must a child have?
  • What can be done with the toys once your child grows up and doesn’t want to play with it anymore?
  • Is it wise to spend an exorbitant amount on toys which your child would outgrow in a few months?
What If we told you that there is a place where you can rent toys? Yes, you heard that right. At Jumbo’s Toy World you can choose from a plethora of toy options like Puzzles, games, puppets, and books and not purchase them; because you can rent them.

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It’s common for children to outgrow their toys quicker than you expect; meaning their attention has moved on to other things/toys while the old ones are either packed away in a box and placed on the loft or passed on to relatives & friends. This not only adds to the clutter but is also a colossal waste of money you may think. Thus, a need arises where you can optimise the spending and not burn your pockets while your child has the liberty to choose from a variety of toys that help him/her build certain skills. Jumbo’s Toy world introduces inventive and creative methods of learning thus enhancing the 7 skills which are essential for the overall development in a child. They mainly focus on developing the Musical, Logical, Spatial, Motor, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Kinesthetic skills and their toys promote these skill sets.  The icing on the cake is that you need not buy it and can rent all of it!cheap kid toy store in Mumbai - ZenParent

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That said, if you are as paranoid as me your first instinct would question the hygiene and safety of these toys.  At Jumbo’s Toy World the management strives for the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.  Since all toys are from reputed brands - the quality is at top notch. A robust process is followed to disinfect, clean and store the toys. Additionally, a mechanical and physical inspection is performed regularly to ensure that these toys aren’t damaged, dirty and are safe to use. So, see for yourself and visit the store!Jumbo’s Toy World also conducts weekend activities, clubs, workshops and camps at their library for parents as well as children. You can check their Facebook page for updates and other information but if you have questions you could refer to the FAQ section here.To make is easy on the pockets Jumbo’s Toy World offers membership plan which get you points that can be used to avail their other benefits.Note: the store is currently based out of Mumbai.