A kiss before you leave and other ritual stories

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As we wrap up Diwali, many of us have taken a lot of delight in participating in each of our family’s unique rituals. For most Indians, cultural rituals are such a huge part of life and yet, we sometimes do not know where rituals end and spirituality begins. As we become more educated, we question the value of these rituals and some of them seem mindless and ridiculous. As a result, we step away from them focussing only on things that make logical sense to us. But there are some deeper reasons for rituals.Rituals are not just those linked with religious practices. Sitting down to dinner with the entire family every day, having a nightly reading ritual at bed time, walking your kids to the bus stop every morning are all small rituals you can build with family. And here are a few reasons why you should do it:
  • Build memories: Rituals are a great way to build memories with your child. Bedtime reading, Saturday night board games and a Sunday morning brunch give your kids lots of opportunities for family bonding and creating memories. Many of us remember our grandmothers preparing a special kheer every Friday or a similar ritual that floods us with warm feelings.

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  • Security: Children do well with predictable routines. Rituals provide them with this security. Saying a prayer before bedtime believing that you won’t get nightmares could help children sleep better. Kissing them three times to say I love you before they leave for school puts both of you in a great frame of mind to start the day. Repetition and rituals help children feel familiar and comfortable. I always say “Love you” to my daughter instead of “Bye” when she leaves for school and when she turned 12 she started saying it to me whenever I leave the house. I love that!

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  • Prepare the mind: Rituals also set the stage for action and prepare the mind. If you create a small ritual for your child before sitting down and studying every day, just doing the ritual will prepare your child’s mind to study. If your child is resisting going to school, create a fun small ritual in the morning that would take his mind off the stress of separating from you. Use rituals to get kids into the zone.
You can have any kind of ritual that is special just for your family. Catch a movie every Friday night and make your own popcorn. Or have a family dance night where you create your own special playlist with everybody’s favourite songs or take a walk once a week with your family to the park or mandir around the corner – just create whatever works for your family’s personality.  The only rule is that you have to be consistent about doing them at the appointed intervals: that is key for a ritual. Whatever the frequency you decide, stick to it and have fun!

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