A cancer survivor, a mother and a doting sister, Sunaina Roshan’s transformation is dramatic!

When it comes to fitness there is no celebrity who shies away and Greek God Hrithik Roshan is no different. Hrithik’s obsession with fitness is not unknown to us- after all his chiseled body is proof enough! However, this actor has been an inspiration, not just for his fans, but even people close to him. 

Hrithik’s sister Sunaina has now taken the crown away from him for her own amazing transformation and the cancer survivor’s weight loss story has now gone viral and how. Hrithik, in fact, took to social media to share the amazing transformation of his sister and the doting brother could not be prouder!

Sunaina has shed oodles of weight and a proud brother, Hrithik wrote, Now that’s what I call a transformation!! So so proud of you didi @roshansunaina #keepgoing #impossibleisNothing.” Seeing the picture, we definitely feel ‘impossible is nothing’! And in case you didn’t know, Hrithik’s sister suffered from cervical cancer and also emerged a survivor.

Hrithik once said: “There are so many times when I think of her when I’m facing the camera. I think of my sister because she is the greatest love of all. I know she is the one person who will be by my side no matter what. And at the same time, she will never be afraid to tell me that I am wrong. She has integrity as well as the power to love.”

Sunaina is also a mother and is married twice. She also proudly admits that her weight loss battle started after she was diagnosed with cancer. 

"I weighed 103 kg as I ate everything in sight to cope with depression. I lost 45 kg but was soon infected by tuberculosis meningitis. I was in semi-coma for two days and doctors weren’t sure of my recovery. I was hospitalised for almost a month. When I got out, I immersed myself in work. When all seemed well, I had to face another major setback. I was assisting Dad (Rakesh Roshan) on Krazzy 4 when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I went through six sessions of chemotherapy in six months," she said.

And from what we are seeing now, it only seems that determination, courage and family support have worked like magic for Suanina. Way to go!

Feature Image Source: www.lightscamerabollywood.com