Top 7 Ways To Plan Your Child’s Next Academic Year

Your current status- Going crazy with the exams round the corner. But since you always prefer to remain a step ahead, you can’t help but internally plan the details of the enticing vacation that will follow, while you batter your kids with the endless studying. And what shall you do during the vacation? Well you shall be mentally organising the new academic year for your kids and consequently ruining your vacation. Don’t. Because if you haven’t already sunk it in, all your ideal planning lasts only for a month and then it’s back to the missed school buses, undone homework, last minute studying, friends irritatingly hanging around, unfinished tiffins, misplaced books and the yelling. Let ZenParent pitch in with some very clever, easy to do ideas that will last the whole year and plan the coming year for you right now so that when you’re back you have this handy little list ready to get you moving swiftly.


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1. THE STUFFMake sure you do this one thing before you leave for your holiday. Check the notebooks, school bag and the stationary. While most of it has to be purchased new by default but you still can recycle those unused notebook pages into rough book for the next year, the school bag as a tuition bag and the leftover stationary for home use.2. THE FOODIt’s futile planning menus alone. And it’s a bigger mess planning for a fortnight or a month together. How about a 3 day plan? One day it’s what your kid wants, one day what you find convenient and the third, a negotiated meal. The same can go for snacks. Healthy, junk and a combo.3. THE HOMEWORK Your kids are NOT going to do all their homework on time and you have realised that you cannot breathe down their necks daily. So keep Saturday aside for that. Now how does this help? Your kid knows that his mom will review regularly at the end of the week and all the loopholes in the submissions throughout the week will be evident. This will keep him/ her in check and learn to become responsible over time.4. THE TEACHERSWhy do you want to wait till you get a call from school so that you have to drop everything at the eleventh hour and rush? You can meet all the teachers in the beginning of the year and fix a day once in month when you will be visiting the school for any discussion, feedback or problem shooting. You have a life too and can’t be at their back and call at the drop of a hat.5. THE FRIENDS They are your kids’ lifelines whether you like it or not. You come second here so why not have a peace treaty in place. Their friends can come over every one day a week and you can decide that day together with your kid. If however the agreement is breached then you can compensate it by not having friends over the coming week at all or giving them the packed lunch they hate which they have to finish or it may roll over further to something else. Trust me it works when you hit them where it hurts the most.6. THE ORGANISINGGive them a dumping corner. That is where they can dump all their things which they don’t like to be touched and put in ‘proper’ places. This way they are not in frenzy when they can’t find something nor can they blame anybody else. Also you need to set aside the open hour. During this time lines are open to remind them of any assignment that needs to be finished any learning for a test or if they need any signatures. Once the time has passed, relax. It should not be your problem anymore.7. THE TIMEStop waking your kids up. Let them be late for a week in a row and then see the difference. They will not only set alarms themselves but there will be a time when they will come to wake you up.It’s simple. And though it’s a little bittersweet it will help you sail through the year in a more composed manner and emerge saner than you usually do.