9 ways to Saner mornings for Moms !

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Mornings = Madness for most of us. It is just one crazy rush from the time the snooze alarm rings to when you step out of the door- a tizzy of frenzied activity which can sometimes leave you exhausted before the day even begins . But a little bit of planning and tweaking your morning can result in a calmer atmosphere for the entire family. Here are 9 ways to bring more sanity to your mornings.1. Pack the school bag : Finding that geography note book that your kid suddenly remembers to add to his/ her bag in the morning is a nightmare. Instill the habit in your children of packing their bags the previous night. It is easier to search for that book under the sofa at 9 pm than 7 am while the bus has already arrived outside the door. Notes that are due to be turned in and permission slips to be signed also surface while packing the bag, so insist on your kids doing it the previous night.2. Turn off the TV : Reduce distractions in the morning- like a blaring TV. Instead, listen to music that the entire family enjoy because the TV distracts the whole house making everything harder to move along.3. Get the uniforms organized : It’s a good idea to lay out the clothes that the kids need the previous night. That way, if a sock is missing it is easier to search- If you are a working mom, lay out your outfit as well – searching for that dupatta last minute can send tempers soaring and stress levels sky rocketing.4. Plan the lunch dabba for next day : Dabba management is a huge process by itself. Plan the menu the previous day- Precook, chop, partially prep the food the previous day to minimize effort in the morning- I ask my help to prepare the paratta filling and the atta kneaded and ready to go the previous day. So all I need to do is roll it out in the morning which only takes me 10 minutes.

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5. Set timers for your kids! : When your children are old enough, set timers at different times during the morning- For e.g.: by 6:30 am, bath should be done, by 6:45 you should be dressed, by 7 am you should be at the dining table for breakfast etc- that way kids will know when they are running late.6. Don’t do everything for your kids- Many of us have this habit. Since kids tend to be slow and clumsy, it seems to be easy to just put the clothes on them, pack their bag, shove the food inside their mouths and drag them outside the door to make it to the bus. As a result, we are constantly shouting at everybody. Instead, slowly outsource tasks to your child- start with one thing at a time and build up to the situation where they can get ready by themselves and turn up at the breakfast table. This will bring down stress levels for the whole family.7. Avoid using facebook in the morning: Something many of us are guilty of. Let me quickly check how many 'likes' my latest profile picture got, as I sip my coffee.. And before you know it you got sucked in for 15 minutes looking at some stranger’s pictures ! Put away that smart phone- it makes you dumb in the morning.8. Plan a weekly menu : Nothing reduces stress like planning. Irrespective of whether you are a working woman or a Stay at home mom, weekly meal planning will help you prep better the previous night, and also ensure that the groceries are available for those meals. An additional by-product of that planning is that meals get healthier.9. Take 2 mins to hug your child: Last , but not least , take two minutes in your frantic morning to hug your kid and show them your love. While life can seem like a frantic dash , suddenly you might find yourself an empty nester wondering how all those precious moments with your children flew by.Image Sources: via Dollar Photo Club