9 Tried and tested tips to keep your kids safe this Holi

Holi hai! It’s the most colourful day of the year in India – the Holi festival that marks the start of Spring and honouring Lord Krishna. Holi is a riot of colours, spraying from water guns, smearing coloured powder on faces, clothes, each other and what not. However, what you’re probably not aware of is that Holi is India’s second-most dangerous festival next to Diwali. Here are some tried and tested tips to keep your kids safe this Holi –
  1. Line of vision – Keep your kids in your sight at all times. With Holi and the colours, it’s easy to mistake someone else’s child as your own while yours go uncharted. Besides, tubs of water, colour etc. make it dangerous if your child were to trip or take a fall.
  2. Choose non-toxic colours – These days, a wide variety of non-toxic colour options are available for having a fun and safe Holi. You can buy these in reputed stores or to be sure, just make them yourself!
  3. Ban water balloons – They’re the largest culprits of injuries. As fun as they sound, when they burst on someone’s skin or eyes, they are likely to cause injury, irritation, redness or worse. They’re a hassle bets avoided.
  4. Choose the right clothes – To avoid the maximum exposure, make sure your child is dressed in full-sleeved shirts and long-legged pants. If possible, don’t choose ultra thin material which will allow full soaking on to the skin.
  5. Teach the right water gun etiquette – The pichkaari or water gun is notorious for causing harm as it is fun. Tell your children and all other kids playing to NOT spray on eyes, ears, nose or mouth. Better yet, ask them to avoid the face altogether.
  6. Prepare their skin – Prevention is better than cure. Similarly, apply an oil-based moisturizing cream (or better still organic coconut oil) all over your child’s skin where it’s going to be exposed to colours. This creates a film between their skin and the colours and won’t cause reactions.
  7. Eyes and mouth need protection – In case of colours entering either orifice, rinse with plenty of clean water. Do not rub the eyes. In case of excessive redness, irritation or watering eyes, please see the doctor immediately. If your child ingests colours, immediately have your child rinse his/her mouth with plenty of water. Teach them that it’s very unsafe to ingest any colours.
  8. Choose gel-based colours – If you’re using artificial colours, choose gel-based colours as opposed to powders. They’re gentler on the skin, easier to wash off and cannot be inhaled.
  9. Prepare for emergencies – No matter how safe you try to be, there’s at least one unfortunate incident when there are a lot of kids involved. Be prepared to deal with any emergencies. Keep handy plenty of fresh, clean and colour-free water for rinsing of eyes, mouth, etc. Keep a list of doctors who can be contacted, hospitals that can be gone to, and some vehicles on standby as well. This may be extreme but you’re better prepared for a disaster than not.
 Have a safe, fun and Happy Holi!