Stop being a guilty mum!

stop being a guilty mom -ZenParent
Mums are always feeling guilty about something or the other. If your child did not eat, sleep, study, poop, go to school, bullied someone, got bullied, is confident, is diffident, is brash, is shy, got sick, missed an appointment…. the list is endless…. We blame ourselves for everything. But if you are feeling guilty about any of the following things. STOP!1. Yelling at your kid for no fault of theirs’: We are moms. We are Human. Not Robots from outer space who are perfectly programmed to nurture all the time. Sometimes we lose it and that’s ok. It is a nasty unfair world out there, and consider this your child’s introduction to the dark side!

stop feeling guilty when you yell at kids - ZenParent

2. Having other interests: Be it a career or hobbies or interests, there is no need to feel guilty when you give priority to other things outside of your family every now and then. It makes you a more rounded multi-dimensional human being. In fact, in the long run, your family will respect you more!Letting the Santa out of the bag: So you had enough of this nonsense and decided to tell your child that you paid for that beautiful gift and Santa had nothing to do with it.Let the TV babysit: So your kid got up at 5:30 am on a Saturday and you said. “Go watch TV and do not disturb me till 7am!” It is ok. Their brains will not be fried.Accept bad meal days: There will be days when ketchup is the only vegetable on your child’s plate or rice and yogurt is all you had time to come up with. Even if your child ate fruits and veggies at all times, he will also one day eat Kurkure that is rumoured to have melted plastic in it! So chill. If you can feed them nutritious food ‘most’ of the times, they are gold. Nobody still knows why skinny people get a heart attack, non-smokers get lung cancer and cheerful people get brain tumours!

stop feeling guilty mom because you prepared bad food for the day - ZenParent

Hiding the ice-cream: So, your doctor has told your kids to stay away from ice-cream during the winter. As the good mom, you eat the ice-cream ONLY when your kids are not around. You are still a good mom!You accidentally swore: Well, that motorbike really swerved into you and you just let one rip. Usually you are on your guard with your kids around. But sometimes the guard slips. It is ok. God knows they must be hearing a lot from their peers! Just apologize and move on!You love Maggi: Yes, it is junk. Yes, it is over salted instant crap. But gosh, it tastes so good. Just add it to the other sins in life and get over it. Just don’t make it every day/week.

don't feel guilty if u have taken kids snacks - ZenParent

You stole their cash: So grand parents came visiting and when they left, they gave you the cash and said “Give it to the kids”. It never reached them. Hey !!! you feed them every day you know!Have you ever seen dads feel guilt about ANYTHING?  They are so chilled out, worry free and self-assured. Do you ever find them guilty that they fed your kids a whole bag of potato chips for snack “accidentally”? Just do you best.  Your kid’s entire future is not dependent on your parenting karma J