8 Wildlife Getaways From Delhi To Be Visited With Kids

The seat of the largest democracy in the world, New Delhi is always known for the hustle and bustle. Delhi is a colossal city which has a bit of everything. A symbol of India’s cultural and historic pride, the city is known for its multicultural and multi-ethnic flair. Amidst all the chaos and confusion, people in Delhi look forward to their weekends and spend time with their families. Delhi is conveniently located between numerous tourist attractions that refresh the mind, body and soul.

So here are some of the popular getaways within 500 kilometres from Delhi categorized to suit your needs!


Located around the Sultanpur Lake, this bird sanctuary is the home to migratory birds during monsoon and also has some rare species like the Little Cormorant, Cattle Egret and White Ibis.

Distance from Delhi: 48 kilometres

Best time to visit: October – March


Surrounded by the Shivalik Mountains, this is known for its wildlife, especially tigers and elephants. This park is known to have fossils as old as 10 million years! The Elephant Safari is very popular as you drive along a thick forest consisting of Sal and Teak.

Distance from Delhi: 175 kilometres

Best time to visit: November – June


Popularly known as the “Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan”, this place is known for the Keoladeo National park or the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to over 250 species of migratory birds such as Siberian Crane, Pelicans, Egrets, Cranes, Geese and Ducks, over 200 different species of various amphibians and reptiles like fish, turtles, snakes, lizards, and over 350 varieties of flowers.  Some of the other attractions apart from the sanctuary are Lohagarh, Ganga Temple and Bharatpur Palace.

Distance from Delhi: 192 kilometres

Best time to visit: October – February


The oldest National Park in India, this park needs no introduction as it has earned the reputation of being famous. This park is the home of the endangered Bengal Tigers and the Asiatic Elephant. The wildlife directory features 586 species of birds, 33 species of reptiles, 36 species of dragonflies, 7 species of amphibians and 50 species of mammals.This reserve is rich in flora and fauna and offers an unmatched level of excitement and adventure. A visit to the Corbett National Park is incomplete without the safari – the Jeep Safari, the Elephant Safari and Canter Safari

Distance from Delhi: 245 kilometres

Best time to visit: November – June


The home to the famous Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, this is an ideal getaway that is known for its historic fort and hypnotic beauty. The wildlife reserve is the abode to many types of animals, the most popular being the Tigers, Panthers and Sloth Bears. Considering its proximity to the Vindhyas and the Aravali Ranges, this place is covered with lush green flora around numerous water bodies.

Distance from Delhi: 380 kilometres

Best time to visit: October – March


This is a perfect getaway for adventure buffs and nature enthusiasts. It is home to a large number of rare and endangered species like the tiger, leopard, and swamp deer better known as Barasingha, and a plethora of other species of animals and birds.With inconceivable diversity, this incredible natural abode for birds and animals is nothing short of a captivating experience.

Distance from Delhi: 420 kilometres

Best time to visit: November – May


Located in Madhya Pradesh, animal lovers would love travelling to Shivpuri as its home to the popular Madhav National Park and Karera Bird Sanctuary. The former is blessed with a perpetual covering of the conifers and boasts of exquisite species like the little Chinkara, the Indian gazelle, and the Chital, Nilgai, Sambar, Chausingha or four-horned Antelope and the Blackbuck. The Karera Bird Sanctuary is the most appropriate place for bird lovers.

Distance from Delhi: 444 kilometres

Best time to visit: November – March


This getaway provides you a combination of an exclusive and clean habitat, abundant wildlife and remarkablesceneries, medieval temples and magnificent ancient ruins. It is the habitat of some of the most endangered species, such as Gharial, Red crowned Turtles, and Gangetic Dolphins which are found in the crystal clear water of the Chambal River as you take the river safari. One can enjoy the serene aura during nature walks in this national park.

Distance from Delhi: 475 kilometres

Best time to visit: November – March

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