8 Ways to get your child to perform better academically

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We may be from different religions, languages, castes, or strata of society... but the one thing common for all of us is that we, as parents, place a huge amount of importance on education and academic success. Given this expectation, it can be sometimes disheartening and worrisome mainly, to see your child not doing well academically. Not doing well academically may also have an impact on your child’s confidence levels (though not always). The thing with education is that it is possible to get good scores if you are ready to put in an effort consistently. Unless your child has a learning disability, there is absolutely no reason he/she cannot do well.Here are a few things that you can do to help your child do better academically.1. Habit: Children get into a pattern of only doing their homework, that too when the deadline is looming and not studying on a regular basis. Set aside a time of day when studying is compulsory. This will eliminate last minute tension and scrambling.

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2. Focus on Yourself: It may be true that it is your child is not doing well at school. But instead of focusing entirely on what they should be doing etc... see if you can change your perspective to see what YOU can do for them? Will a tutor help? Can you sit with them and give them company as they are studying? Fix up a study buddy? Make tea at 5 am to help them study?3. Tap the Internet: The internet offers fantastic resources these days to supplement your child’s learning. Websites like khanacademy.org explain concepts in an innovative way for children. Depending on your child’s area for improvement, print out dictation lists, math problems, word problems and practice with them so that they get confident in those areas.4. Restrict Electronics: A lot of our kids by default want to watch TV or play video games whenever they have some spare time. Take back the electronics from your kids during the week and clear up their mind space for other things to focus on. Removing distractions helps them think about the projects on hand, tasks to be done and notebooks to be taken to school.5. Make PTMs work for you: When you are given the PTM opportunity, take full advantage and get the right feedback from the teachers so that you can work on the specific areas of weakness of your child.6. Reward: When children are not intrinsically motivated to get good grades, it is a good idea to throw in a reward. You could either link the reward to everyday studying, which I personally think will be more effective than one big carrot for an exam. That way you will achieve your goal of them studying consistently. Maybe they get points for everyday studying that adds up to a big reward at the end of the term.

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7. Teach note taking: Note taking is an important skill that every child needs to learn. Rather than staring at the text book, teach your child to write down important points that he can revise at a later date. This is a skill that can never be stressed enough in its value through life.8. Stay Calm: Easier said than done, but nothing ever good came out of stressing your child with too much pressure. If your child is not doing well at school, just yelling for them to do better is not going to get you any results. Sit them down and find out where is the gap that is leading to this problem and see how you can jointly work on it.No matter whether parents and children like it or not, academic success is an integral part of the early years of life and the better we can support our children to do their best, the larger the chances are that they will succeed at it. That being said, it is also good for us to constantly remember that it is not the “be all and end all” of success in life :)Despite all efforts from your end as well as your child's, if he or she is still not able to study properly or perform nicely at school, it can be due to some learning disabilities. Click here to read about it to learn more about this issue.Featured Image Source