8 Ways of Tackling Homework Time

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“It is impossible to make my daughter sit for Homework without any distractions. She comes up with endless excuses on why she can’t sit down for studies for so long and I am sure many parents face the same with their young school-goers.Children often have oodles of energy and it is their very nature to run around, play and have absolute fun! Making them sit at one place to study can indeed be challenging. The task can get even more demanding when you insist on spending long hours and expect to see diligence.How to effectively tackle this situation without making it too burdensome for either of you?1. Create love for boring subjectsSome children love studying, while others are not too keen. Some show great keenness and interest towards all things related to their school work. For them, the text books are overwhelming, the notebooks are precious, homework and assignments are welcome, while others find this too mundane.Show your interest in the subjects your child likes, while helping him like those too, which he finds to be boring. One way to do it is to set an example by displaying the kind of interest that you would like to see in them. “Wow! Your Science book has some amazing facts that I never knew”, or “Let us mark important points with a colourful pen, so you can remember them easily”.Your own thrill and excitement will easily pass on to them and create similar enthusiasm.2. Familiarize Yourself with the CurriculumGo through their text books and be aware of the new concepts they are learning, so you are in a position to understand what could be challenging for them and where they need help. Older children may require help differently than younger ones, but even in that case, it will be good for you to be aware, as you can take action where you sense a roadblock.3. Avoid Equating Studies to Ranks and GradesMany parents use it as a way to encourage the child to study, but too much persistence on ranks and grades can often demotivate the child from making an effort. Develop a positive mind set towards studies and push your child to strive to be better at something he's interested in, rather than forcing him to be perfect in everything.

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4. Help Them Get OrganizedGet your child to make a time-table and allocate time for different subjects every day. Let your child take the responsibility and decide how he wants to go about his homework. Encourage them to complete the important assignments first.5. Avoid DistractionsChoose a place to study where your child will face minimum distractions. It is also equally important for you to not be distracted by phone calls, conversations or any other work. This will take away the tempo and also result in lack of interest towards studies.6. Regularise a RoutineCreate a set routine for study time every day after your child comes back from school. A sense of habit formed early, will go a long way in having a systematic lifestyle. Be specific about homework time every day.  Being laid back with routine communicates the message to your child that is okay to take it easy. Set goals for your child and encourage them to achieve the goal in a decided timeline.7. Give Them Time-OutsIt is essential to give children a short break every now and then while studying. Do not expect the child to finish all his homework in one sitting. A break will only revitalize them and improve their ability to concentrate.8. Appreciate Their EffortsAcknowledging your child's dedication at studies goes a long way towards bucking him up to study with even more interest. Applauding their efforts will give them a sense of achievement and the confidence that they are good at it and want to pursue it further. Image Source: via Google Images