8 things men do to convince women for oral sex

Men trying to convince women for Oral Sex

Going down on her can be great for you, but ever wondered if she really likes it? Let’s admit it! Oral sex might not be the ‘most wanted’ among all women. From lying with legs apart to the feeling of being licked, touched and caressed in one of the most private parts, women are bound to take longer to get comfortable with a man going down on her.

However, once you crack it, you can give your woman toe-curling orgasms and an extended foreplay. So men, follow this simple guide and make sure you give as good as you get.

Pick a perfect position

Men probably the most comfortable position for women to be in. However, be open to suggestions and listen to her body. Place a pillow under her butt or hold her knees, with her legs apart, so that she feels more secure. This will also ensure she is comfortable and does not cringe about opening up. However, the thumb rule is to keep her legs wide apart so you have more room to work on.

Tease with your tongue

Getting to the junction at once can be too much for her to take. So start off by licking her thighs and gently move inwards. As you move inside, increase the speed and intensity. A slight lick of the tongue up and down can be good enough to unleash the animal in her.

Use your hands

If your mouth is too tired, take help from your hands. Never do anything if you have a muscle fatigue. Remember, it can put her off terribly. So, don’t think twice to use your hands, rest a bit and start over again.

Cooling down can be hot too!

Your temperatures are rising with the steamy action, so anything cool will only arouse her senses further. Turn the air conditioner or fan on her face and let her feel the chill wind, and the warmth of your action down there. The combo can be simply unexpected and will leave her begging you for more!

Don’t forget the other areas

Just because you are going down, don’t ignore her other sensitive areas. Fiddling with her nipples or running your hands all over her body can help her get to the climax faster and better.

Add some taste

Make oral sex more fun by picking your favourite flavour and pouring it over her vagina. Now lick it off her privates and watch her wriggle like a snail.

Patience is virtue

An average woman will take over 20 minutes to climax from an oral sex. So, that means you are going to be down there for quite some time and you need to be patient. Play with her clitoral hood or spend some time with your tongue in the labia area. However, never continue if you are tired or frustrated as it can lead to a dead end for both of you.

Listen up 

Last but definitely not the least, listen to her body. Observe how she moves her hip, whether she’s smiling or using her nails on your back. These signs will clearly tell you if she is getting turned on or hating it down right. So, if you are not listening to her body signs, you might as well stop the whole show.