Are you feeding your baby these super foods?

Food is an important part of our life and the importance of nutritious food only increases leaps and bounds, when it comes to babies. Well, while there definitely is no debating the fact that breast milk has all the nutrition a baby needs, little do we realise what happens when babies get weaned or start eating solids. With superfoods for adults doing the rounds lately, we were wondering why babies should not get the best superfoods too.

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What are super foods?

Super foods are those which are packed with all the nutrition a baby needs. It contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and is rich in fibre, making it easy for babies to digest. Very often, doctors recommend starting solids from when the baby is 6 months old and once mommies hit this milestone, there a whole confusion of what to give and how to pack in all the essential nutrients in that one meal.

These super foods are the answer to all your baby food woes. Here’s a list of age appropriate super foods your super babies must have!

1. Bananas

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Ask your mom or grandma and they are sure to rave about this wonder fruit. Bananas are rich in dietary fibre, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, calcium and iron. They are also an instant source of energy for growing babies and easy to make. Bananas can be given in the form on puree, milkshake or as a whole for older kids.

Banana puree recipe: Peel the bananas, mash well using a mixer or a hand masher. You can also add a teaspoon of yogurt and give your baby a healthy smoothie.

When to start: 4 months onwards

2. Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet in nature, sweet potatoes are in instant hit among babies. They are rich in beta-carotene, calcium, calcium, potassium and also help in treating constipation.

Recipe: Steam the sweet potatoes in the cooker, peel the skin and mash it well. You could also add a little jaggery and cook it in low flame or give it as is.

When to start: 4 months onwards

3. Avocado

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This is the best first food you can give your baby. Avocados are packed with essential fat which is super good for the brain. And of course, the buttery texture is sure to make your little one lap it up without a fuss.

Recipe: Peel the skin, deseed it and mash it well. You have your baby guacamole ready!

When to start: 4 months onwards

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4. Prunes

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When babies are introduced to solids, their little tummies face a lot of trouble. Prunes are the best way to treat troubled, constipated tummies. The high fibre and antioxidant help to improve bowel movement, relieving constipation.

Recipe: Boil apples and prunes and grind them together to make a silky puree.

When to start: 6-8 months

5. Coconut

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Not many are aware of this super food, but coconut is loaded with a whole of goodness for babies. It is rich in medium chain fatty acids and also helps to keep your baby’s immune system and digestion in place. And mommies the good news is that there are zillion ways you can incorporate this wonder food into your little one’s diet.

Recipe: Cook your baby’s rice with coconut milk for an enhanced flavour and taste or simply make coconut water a part of your baby’s daily diet. You can also make kheer, pudding or just puree the coconut pulp with a fruit. The older kids can also gnaw on it as such as a finger food.

When to start: 6-8 months

6. Yoghurt

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Yogurt or dahi is rich in calcium and Vitamin D, both of which are important for the normal formation and development of bones. It also contains good bacteria which aids in keeping their tummies happy and immune levels at check.

Recipe: Yogurt can be given as is or added with a fruit puree and whipped into a milkshake. However, make sure not to add sugar.

When to start: 4-6 months

7. Broccoli

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Broccoli is a brain food, not just for adults, but for babies too. It also contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, iron, potassium, and fibre. Boiling broccoli in water can deprive it of the vitamin content. So steam it before you cook.

Recipe: Steam broccoli in the cooker and mash it to make a puree. Add a little salt and pepper to enhance the taste. In case your baby does not enjoy it, add it along with other sweet-tasting veggies like sweet potato or butternut squash. Broccoli soups are good for the baby too.

When to start: 8-10 months

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8. Lentils

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There is no Indian mother who might not have fed her baby dhal. Lentil or dhal is the highest source of proteins, which is a key nutrient for growing kids. Lentils can be mashed with rice, made into a khichadi or even served as a soup. Plus, the high fibre content makes it easily digestible for babies.

Recipe: Cook dhal in a pressure cooker until it mashes well. Use the water to make a soup or serve the dhal along with rice.

When to start: 6-8 months

While these super foods are known to be completely safe and easily digestible for babies, do consult your doctor if you are concerned about a particular food.