8 Steps to massage your baby

Congratulations! You’ve had your baby, he’s lost his water weight and now looks skinny and alien-like and every single older family member is going on to you about how you need to find a bai for maalish to help him fatten up. Guess what? There may be some truth to this! Massaging the baby the Indian way has been done by our ancestors for centuries together to help strengthen and relax the baby. Doing it yourself will also strengthen the bond between the two of you. Here are massaging tips to get you on your way to giving the best maalish for your baby that she’s sure to enjoy and you will cherish1. Remove any extra accessories, clothing, diapers, or anything else that may catch or hurt the baby from his/her body. Make sure your hands are clean, nails cut and you have no skin peeling or anything else that may hurt the baby pon application of pressure.2. Use the oil of your choice. In India it’s most popular to use pure coconut oil for massaging. Place the baby on a bath towel firmly on the floor.3. Take some oil in your hands, rub it between your palms to warm or cool the oil, as may be appropriate. Slowly start at the tummy and rub in soothing circular motions with the heel of your palms and move to the upper body.4. Use firm, gentle strokes, maintain eye contact and gently rub the oil on the arms while pulling and maintaining gentle yet steady pressure from the shoulder to the tips of the hands.


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5. Follow a similar procedure with the legs. Start at the thighs and move to the toes. Rub the belly. Do this a few times.

6. Turn the baby around and massage the back firmly. Bear in mind that this can be done only on babies who can already take a little bit of tummy time. Move your hands in upward strokes on the back and downward strokes on the front of the body.

7. When you’re almost done, slow the motions of your hands and come to a slow stop. Do not stop abruptly.

8. After the massage, give the baby a warm bath. Make sure to remove the oil with the cleanser of your choice. Towel him down properly and dress warmly.

 Doing this everyday will make your child’s sleep better, strengthen his/her muscles, make the body smoother and relax your baby. Do make this an everyday ritual and enjoy bonding with your child!