8 Small things that thrill moms

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Motherhood can be a mixed bag of happy and frustrating times. There are times of joy and times of great stress, times when you cannot stop beaming and times of being completely exhausted and exasperated.  But there are a few things that always bring a smile to our face and picks us up.1. That healthy Recipe: So you were browsing the internet and you came across this amazing healthy recipe for your child and you decided to make it ,fingers crossed that your child would like it. She tastes a spoon of it and says, “Wow mom, it’s delicious” – Totally makes your day!2. ‘I’m Hungry”: Most moms tend to think that their kids are not eating enough. So when they come in and say, I am ravenous, you actually get so excited!!3. No Reason Hugs: This is the best part of having kids. When a little human being walks up to you and gives you a big hug for no reason!

happy mom can find joy in little things- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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4. Self Studying: Exams are looming ahead and you are getting tired just thinking of all the nagging and studying ahead.. just then you see your child studying by himself- Ah the joy!5. Somebody is serving you! : You walk into the house exhausted from a day’s work- your child mixes a spoon of instant ice tea into a glass of cold water and hands it over to you – Just makes everything worth it !6. Satisfying Grumpy:  So you teen has become a difficult to satisfy grumpy bug – you happen to see a really cute outfit on sale and buy it for her- You hand it over to her cautiously and she lets out a squeal of joy!7. When kids Reminisce: I love it when my daughter says “Mom! Remember you used to read this book to me everyday- it was my favourite”. Love it when kids remember the good times.8. Being Wanted: As our kids grow up the less they need us and want us. So when your teenager wanders into your bed and snuggles up to you- You can't help smile.There is nobody clapping at the finish line at the end of this parenting project. There is no promotion. No raise. No medal. But it is these small moments of joy that always reinforce that it is a good ride :)Click here to know how to find some 'me time' while taking care of your child.Featured Image Source