8 Life Skills that your child needs to learn

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As parents, we all want to give our children the best that we can afford. Be it education, clothes, shoes or toys, we take great pleasure in giving our children the best that we possibly can. But what about life skills? What skills can we pass on to our children that would hold them in good stead through life?1. Good Manners: It might seem like a small thing, but people with good manners always leave a lasting impression on people. Courteous people are just liked by everyone and it is a huge boost to your people skills if your manners are in place as a good habit.This is something that can be started really young with the 'Please' and the 'thank you; to begin with.

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2. Swimming: Whether an exercise or a survival activity, swimming is an important skill to teach your child. As an exercise, it is the best full body workout that has no bad impact on your joints. It burns a lot of calories and builds strength, stamina and heart and lung fitness as well. And it is definitely a good skill to have if ever you are in danger of falling into a water body.3. Basic cooking: Every child should learn basic cooking. By basic I mean, something which would enable them to have a simple nutritious meal (Instant noodles are not counted). Many kids when they leave home,pick up really bad eating habits because they cannot rustle up a meal. Eating out frequently can lead to a host of health issues. So teach your child how to make a simple meal.

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4. Independent Learners: We have seen many parents sit and study with their children to the point where one might wonder who is taking the exam. While little kids do need some help, as your child grows up you need to wean your child off their dependence on you as a study buddy. If your child is unable to study by himself/herself without your help, it is a big handicap that they would have to deal with in college. Train your kids on how to set goals, motivate themselves and stick to time tables for studying.5. Money skills: Financial skills are another critical skill you can teach children even when they are young. Teach them the importance of saving for a goal, donating to a charity and aspiring for things that they can save up for. Teaching them when they are young, with their pocket money will help a great deal when they start earning.

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6. Positive thinking: While it is true that by nature some of us are pessimists and some of us are optimists, positive thinking is a skill that can be learned. Whenever your kids come up with negative statements, help them correct it – Children tend to say “I will never be good at this” “I can never be good at Math” “English is too hard for me”- Teach them to stop beating themselves with these negative statements.  Teach them how negative statements might cushion their disappointment, but have a negative impact on outcomes.

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7. Music: Research has shown that musical education helps develop areas of brain related to language and reasoning. It has also been shown to help with spatial intelligence. Musical recitals in front of audience also helps your child deal with stage fright and practicing hard for something and performing in front of people. Above all this, music has shown to help reduce stress and depression in people.8. Any sport: Teaching your child a sport sets them up for a lifetime of fitness. It is said that the metabolic rate for an individual is set at teenage. After that the weight can only swing within a limited range from that set point. Therefore it is very important that children engage in sports during the growing years and keep fit. Sports also teaches you many life lessons about winning, losing and teamwork.

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