8 interesting ways to workout if you dont have time for gym

We all have grand plans of hitting the gym every.single.day. And then life happens. Here’s how to get your workout even if you can’t

1. YouTube workout videos

With the internet revolution has come options. With just some free weights or a jump rope, you can pretty much get a full body workout right at the comfort of your home, just a few taps away. Be it Pilates, yoga, aerobic dance or even a boot camp like Jillian Michael’s 30 day shreds, you’ve got it all. And all for free. And all you need are 30 minutes a day and a working internet connection. Excuses are just those, excuses.

2. Shop till you drop

Turns out “shop till you drop” isn’t just an expression. Women can burn up to 200 active calories in an hour of mall walking and window shopping. Working out never felt so good! Call those girlfriends and head to the nearest mall. Find malls boring? Head to the olden golden ways to shop local market or street shopping.

3. Hiking/Trekking

Got shoes? Great! You’ve got your workout down then. Just head to some nearby scenic spot for a leisurely hike up some terrain or around something else. Hook up to social media aides like Meetup to find who’s going where near you. Go with friends or go alone, you’re guaranteed to burn up 500 calories while not even feeling it.

4. Chores aren’t bores

Chores are a great way of burning calories. Throw on some music and get started. Whether there are friends coming over, there’s a house party or an after party cleaning, chores are a great way to burn up the holiday eating. Split it with your significant other or with your child – all that stretching, reaching out, bending over and cleaning is a total body workout that burns over 300 calories an hour.

5. Kids and pets

Got a toddler? Or a dog? Then you know the jaw dropping amount of energy these pint sized creatures have. And to expend your energy around them is one of the best ways to get a workout and not even feel it as you’re doing it. Running around kids and pets has been shown to burn over 250 active calories an hour! Play dates at the park – totally worth it. For everyone involved!


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6. Swimming

Swimming is a stress-free, relaxing way to remain cool and fit if you’re not the gym type. Swimming tones all parts of your body and regular workouts can yield fantastic results in streamlining your body. Hot weather? Head for a swim! You’ll be left feeling refreshed, relaxed and wonderfully worked out when you’re done.

7. Cycling

Cycling, like swimming is a fun outdoor way of burning calories while totally being chilled out or discovering a new place. Roaming around new cities by walk or bike is one of the great ways to burn calories, whilst enjoying local cuisines. Within your own city? Schedule a slot early in the morning or late at night to beat the traffic or head to a nearby trail to go biking and discover new places, burning over 300 calories an hour while doing it!

8. Sex

Kissing, cuddling and sex can burn over 400 calories an hour in a heat-filled, passionate session. Did we really need more reasons to hit the sack regularly? And is there a more fun way to burn calories? Didn’t think so.

What’re your favourite out-pf-the-gym activities? Share with our community.