8 important questions every pregnant woman must ask her doctor, but never does!

Pregnancy is full of surprises, shocks and of course embarrassing questions. From how and what your labour pain will be like to white discharge, sex after delivery and weight gain, there are a whole lot of questions that all pregnant women love to ask but never have the guts to.

Well, we wanted to help you out, so here are some questions you always wanted answers for!

1.  Will I have bowel movement during my labour?

Well, this is one thing all women are worried about, isn’t it? After all, none of us would like to poop on a bed! However, pooping during labour is perfectly normal and your doc will sure know how to deal with it. The rectum is underneath the uterus, and when you push, you put pressure on that area, pushing out a little pit of poop too. That said, you should be focusing on your baby and not on your bowel.

2.  Will I get stretched down there?

Certainly yes! You are pushing out a human being for god’s sake. So, your vagina certainly needs to expand for your baby to come out. However, remember, that your vagina has muscle memory and that it will contract back to its normal size. Plus, Kegel exercises can help you strengthen those muscles.

3.  Have I gained too much weight?

Gone are the days when pregnant women were asked to eat for two. Today, even doctors recommend a healthy weight gain and anything beyond the prescribed limit is considered unhealthy. So, discuss with your doctor about an ideal weight gain and stick to it.

4.  Will my bladder control decrease after pregnancy?

Urine incontinence is common during pregnancy, especially when you are approaching your due date. And in fact, it prolongs well into your postpartum too. However, this does settle down 4-6 months after delivery. If it does not, consult your doctor for further treatment.

5.  Will intercourse hurt my baby?

It is common for husbands to fear sex when their wives are pregnant. This is simply because most men dwell in the assumption that sex might hurt the baby. However, they just need to be reassured that they won't hurt mom or the baby.

6.  Will intercourse be painful after a vaginal birth?

Vaginal birth means trauma and it will take some time for your lady parts to be back and running. So, be patient until then. Plus, your hormones are all over the place and this also means fluctuations in your estrogen levels, which will in turn play a vital role in lubrication. So, don’t hesitate to pick a good lubricant, in case you do need!

7.  Is it normal to see an increased discharge during pregnancy?

Of course, it is! Your hormones are all over the place, so a steady increase in white discharge should not alarm you. Plus, you have an increase in the blood flow to the pelvis. But be sure to call your doctor in case you have spotting, itching, have an odour or if your discharge is painful.

8.  What if I sleep through my labour?

There are chances you might miss out on your water breaking. While it might be just a trickle for some, it can be a big gush for a few others. But when it comes to contractions, there can be no mistaking. They don’t call it labour for nothing!

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