8 Famous Celebrities Who Flaunt Tattoos Dedicated To Their Kids

Disapproval. First thing that paints our faces when we look at tattoos. We frown when we see that a boy has a girl's name on his forearm. We frown at the pattern of a flower next to a girl's eyebrow piercing. But these - these we'll adore because an actor displays his affection for his child by permanently etching her name into his back or chest.

By Jasleen Kaur


There is no denying that getting inked is very much in these days. While some have inked religious tattoos, there are others who flaunt funky ones. Getting tattooed permanently is a big deal as it is going to be with you the entire life. 

So, why not get something done that means a lot? Nothing can beat the love that we have for our kids, isn’t it? This is what our Bollywood celebs have been doing for a quite a long time now.

We have penned down a list of celebrities who have got their children’s name inked on their bodies. Let’s have a look!


#1. Ajay Devgn

Widely popular for his ‘angry-young man’ roles, Ajay Devgn is one of the most talented actors that Bollywood embraces. We all have noticed that Ajay flaunts tattoo of Lord Shiva that is there on his chest. Being a fervent disciple of Lord Shiva, he got this tattoo along with his friend Sanjay Dutt when they were shooting for All The Best. But one thing you might have not noticed, that this tattoo is followed by his daughter’s name Nysa.



#2. Arjun Rampal

One of the most loved Bollywood hunks, Arjun Rampal also took the same path of getting a tattoo done on his body. If you just give it a closer look, he has got the names of his lovely daughters on both of his forearms. Where Mahikaa’s name is there on the right hand, Myra's name is tattooed on the left. 



#3. Akshay Kumar

One of the fittest dads in the film industry, Akshay Kumar leaves no opportunity to show his love for his kids and family. He is the biggest fan of his li’l buddy Aarav, and had tattooed his name on his back eight years ago. Moreover, after the birth of his daughter Nitara, he got a tattoo of her name on his left shoulder. Not just that he displays his love for her babies, but he also got a tattoo of Tina’s name above his heart. Such an adorable guy he is!



#4. Raveena Tandon

Following the footprints of other Bollywood celebs, Raveena also decided to flash her love for her kids by getting tattoos of their names. Raveena have got the names of Vardan and Vishaka inked decoratively on her left shoulder. Also, thekundli names of the young ones are inked on her back. 



#5. Sushmita Sen

There is no denying clandestine that Sushmita is a tattoo lover as she has got seven tattoos on her body. This single mother boasts all seven tattoos, where one of them being the names of her daughters - Renee and Alicia. This tattoo is right there on her arms. 



#6. Imran Khan

The Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na fame actor, Imran Khan too got a tattoo on his chest recently. This was his third tattoo, but was a special and unique one. He followed the tradition of getting inked to project the love for his little baby. But the ‘hatke’part is that he didn’t tattoo his daughter Imara’s name, but her footprints to cherish this cute memory forever. 



#7. Mohit Suri

The director of Aashiqui 2, Mohit Suri welcomed his daughter year in January. The 36-year old director got his daughter’s name inked on his right arm. Mohit will be travelling all across the world for the shooting of his next film Half Girlfriend. He wanted to have the memories of his daughter all through the travel, and eventually his entire life. 



#8. Suresh Raina

Since the day Gracia was born (May 15, 2016), this famous cricketer has been far away from the eyes of paparazi. Every father wants to be with their kids and same is the case with Raina. He will soon be travelling for various upcoming cricket matches, but he surely has found a way to be with his apple of eye 24*7. Recently, at a press conference, papa Suresh Raina was seen proudly sporting daughter Gracia's name in a tatoo on his left forearm. Aww...such a lovely daddy he is, no?

In fact, when asked about this new tatoo, he was quoted saying:

"I got this one inked in Holland when I was there for Gracia's birth in May. It was a great way to remember the moment forever. Ab toh kaafi time ho gaya hai, par kisi ne shayad dhyaan nahin diya, ya main public mein zyada aaya nahin."


Source: bollywoodshaadis.com