8 Easy & fun recipes that kids can make themselves

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Of course, we can’t be with our kids all the time. And we may, at times, fall sick and can’t really get up and prepare food instantly for them. What if there’s no one around and your child is hungry? Don’t you think that they should be able to make some easy food items themselves so that they don’t have to really wait for someone to be available and cook for them? It’s recommended to keep a check when your little ones are in the kitchen but teaching them some basic, easy-to-cook recipes can help them feed themselves, in case, they are alone and hungry.It’s always good to demonstrate the steps of cooking anything to the kids first; before they make it themselves.1.  Boiled eggs/ Half-fry/ Scrambled eggsThe eggetarians can start with boiling eggs and gradually move to trying their hand at making sunny side up eggs or even scrambled eggs. Help them with unique decoration ideas yourself!

yummy egg recipes that kids can make- Parenting resources by ZenParent

2. Bread with Butter/ Nutella/ Peanut Butter/ JamKids love spreading fruit jams and butter over bread slices. Let them experiment with different flavours, nutella and even peanut butter. Cut sides with a kitchen knife yourself or help them use steel bowls or plastic shape cutters (available in the market) to make unique shaped slices. Ensure that the butter knife that they use isn’t sharp and safe to use.

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3. Grilled sandwichesNowadays, most people have convection microwaves at home. Just help your kid make bread sandwiches with cheese slices or egg white and show them how they can grill the sandwiches in the oven. Teach them about which utensils are microwave-friendly too!

grilled sandwiches that kids can make themselves- Parenting resources by ZenParent

4. Sprouts/ SaladsJust choosing the right pulses, chickpeas or red beans, vegetables (whatever your kids like) and helping your kids soak/ and prepare sprout or easy fruit/ veggie/ non-veg salads will be great! Your children will not only love making this food item but will also enjoy a healthy recipe.

salads that kids can make- Parenting resources by ZenParent

5. RiceSoaking rice and making it in an open bowl (without using a pressure cooker) is easy for kids. Ensure that they use heat-resistant utensils and watch your kids getting excited as you help them decorate this meal in different faces and shapes.

rice that kids can make on their own- Parenting resources by ZenParent

6. Fruit creamJust get milk cream from the market and let your kids put their favourite fruits with powdered sugar (as per taste) in this cream. Let the mixture freeze for an hour and help your kids serve this yummy recipe in cute bowls, cups or cones!

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7. LemonadeI still remember how, as kids, my cousins and I used to make lemonade and sell for 1 Re. during our summer camps. Today, with kid-friendly lemonade kits available, kids can easily make this drink. Let them try with Roohafza or poppy seeds syrup too!

lemonade can be made by kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

8. Tea/ CoffeeBoiling water, making tea and coffee shouldn’t be difficult for kids above 8 years. However, an adult should always be around to ensure that kids are using heat-resistant utensils and are absolutely safe. And enjoy with your kids by enjoying the hot beverages in their cute tea sets!

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Make sure that your kids keep away from sharp knives or glass utensils and help them stay alert by telling them how to be safe, while working in the kitchen.Image source: via Google Images