7 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your mother-in-law

A celebration of love. Red hearts. Roses. Fairy lights and candles. The anticipation of sex at the end of the day. All spell out only one thing - Valentine’s Day. Aha, how romantic. But we all know that the day we marry our husbands, we also marry his family (yeah, by family, I mean mother-in-law). So, along with expressing your unassuming affection for your darling spouse, you’ll have to find some way to tell your saas that you care for her on Valentine’s Day too. Oh, but you can’t bear to say, “I love you,” can you? Because you really don’t.

So here goes. Actions speak louder than words, they all say, then why not use them for your purpose? Just on this one day of the year, do these things:

1. Give her the satisfaction of making backhanded compliments.

2. Compliment her on her cooking, and ask her for the recipe.

3. Ask her about her love story, and don’t retort when she pooh-poohs the idea with - “In our days, we didn’t have love marriages. We actually listened to our parents.”

4. Watch a saas-bahu show with her, and find fault with the bahu as much as you can.

5. Thank her for raising a perfect son.

6. Praise her in front your husband. Make sure she’s not in the room but that she can hear you.

7. Listen to her crib about her son, but don’t complain about your husband.