7 ways to ease sore muscles when you start a workout #ZPFitnessProgram

For years my body hasn’t played a sport apart from the occasional dip in the pool (Ahem, I meant swimming) during vacations, neither was I a regular at the gym (I gave up in about two month’s each time I enrolled). So, when yoga happened to me I expected it to be a lazy person’s workout plan. Yoga was anything but easy, it is said nothing is easy, right? Little did I know that stretching and pulling could end up in sore muscles. I remember walking like a republic day horse in a parade for the first two weeks or so. I had severe cramps and spasms in my back and legs. They almost convinced me to discontinue the course but something told me to hang in there and I did just that.Sore muscles are common when you start with a new exercise plan, because you are getting those muscles to move (which in my case was after light years!) and you could experience cramps and catches in the first few days.sore-muscles-after-workout-artimage sourceHere are seven ways to ease those sore muscles after a torturous workout.
  1. Keep going: My yoga teacher’s advice for all new students after a brutal session of Suryanamaskar is to avoid any pain reliever and to come back to class the next day. So, I figured that the trick is to not sit back and complain about your muscle pain rather to have some activity going on to let those muscles ease slowly. An abrupt stop could be dangerous as there would be extreme fluctuations in your body. So if you have spent an evening at the gym lifting weights and enduring pain, you must continue it the next day and not skip it (Most trainers will also tell you that). Keep moving and doing things around the house, that way your muscles will still be working.
  2. Massage: Massaging the affected the area will soothe the pain, you could either ask your partner to do it for you or just show up at the nearest spa! What better way to relax those tired muscles? Typically, a Swedish oil massage is known to cure all the pains in the body due to the pressure involved in the technique.
  3. Ice pack: An age old therapy that works for a lot of things! Works for sore muscles too. But the trick is to do it more than once in a day.
imagesimage source  4. H2O: This is an universal cure for everything. Drinking about two litres of water everyday is known to have great health benefits. So when you do begin your exercise we recommend that you keep yourself hydrated and take in a lot of fluids in the form of fruit juices and green smoothies too. Dehydration could cause dizziness and fainting during workouts, so carry a sipper with you at all times. A few sips at regular intervals is what you need. But also remember not to overdo it before a workout as it will cause bloating and cramps.5. Hot shower: Warm water baths are known to relieve muscle pain. So standing under the shower for a few extra minutes and letting the hot water on the affected part could be beneficial too. If you have a tub at home, you could soak in it and add a few drops of aroma oils too. You could do this even in a bucket of water and use it, if you don’t have a tub. 6. Cherry Juice: I read about this recently on the internet but haven’t tried it out yet. But its said that tart cherry juice (sour cherry juice) has a lot of antioxidants and does provide relief to moderate muscle soreness.7. Warm up: The rule of thumb before beginning any serious work out is to warm up your body. You could try a few stretching exercises before you begin your cardio exercises. Pay attention to your breathing and never hold your breath while doing heavy duty weights.That said, in case you experience severe pain, please visit your doctor and get professional help. You will know when the pain is just another sore muscle or something more intense and excruciating.