7 tips to get a multi-tasking NINJA for a husband!

Husbands are great with the baby. They’ll take the stroll, they will agree to feed and even spend play games with them. The second you ask them to take boil a potato while they are watching the baby, tragedy will strike. They will get it right a few times (poor sods, give them that!) but largely need to hand-held into doing multiple things while watching the baby.

Here are 7 things dads should be taught to do while watching the baby. #multitaskingtipsfordads

1.Sick child - Baby+ Call doctor + Give meds

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When a baby is sick, often the symptoms are misleading. A simple colic may resemble the onset of fever. In India it is not possible to visit your paediatrician each time. So, it is important to have him on speed dial for quick clarifications.

What husband will do: Call you in between a meeting asking you for an explanation.

What he should do- Call the doctor while holding the colicky baby telling him the exact dosage of paracetamol given how many hours ago.

2. Bathroom etiquettes- Baby bath + Toys put way + Dry bathroom

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Babies love bath! So if your child is splashing about in his tub making a mess of the bathroom, the next person using it will have to play slippery-slope in it.

What husband will do- Use the other bathroom and forget about putting back bath toys and drying the bathroom.

What he should do: Bathe and dress the child and put him on a mat. Then go and put back all the toys and wipe the bathroom.

3. Size it right – Baby nap time + Ordering clothes/shoes online + Check options

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It’s true that kids grow fast, but that doesn’t mean that they should wear shoes that are two sizes too big for ‘em.

What hubby will do: Buy a much larger size to be on the safe side.

What he should do: Get an idea of what baby’s clothes and shoe sizes are and ensure they can be returned if size doesn’t fit.

4. Guests at home- Watch baby + Clean-up + Presentation

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If you ask your husband to tidy-up before bringing home guests, be prepared for his idea of a clean home. He may think that kids toys lying around is part of front room accessorizing.

Don’t be surprised to find- Balloons, toys and sundry bottles lying around the home.

What he should do – Put everything away, put on a fresh candle and scent the room invitingly. Making  a starter is a bonus!

5. Dress-up- Feed rest baby + Dress for a party + Pack emergency bag

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If you have forgotten to pull out the clothes meant to dress them up in, you are in for a rude shock on fashion. Hubby’s are wont to insist that casual is the new cool and dress them in jeans and some old tee.

Never- let it go thinking they will not get it.

Instead: Teach them your logic behind picking the right clothes. They will get there sooner than you think

6. Feeding bottle- Carry baby to store + Pick-up right nipple

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If your child drinks milk/ juice through bottle, you’ll know the pain we are talking about. Repeated sterilization makes the nipples loose and they need to be changed often. Different brands/bottles have different nipples.

Always – tell your husband which bottle nipple you want.

Ensure you’ve earlier explained to him the finer points of the size of the nipple being proportional to the age of the baby. Watch them become better dads.

7. Outings – Watch baby + Plan right weekend getaways

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Typically the husband will choose that is too posh (translate: with breakable items around) or too boring (have to be cooped up indoors).

Always tell your husband before booking what to look out for. This will dramatically increase your chances of having fun.

Teach the man to choose options that are age appropriate for your child.

What do you think mommies? If you have anything to add to this list, please comment below.

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